Ticket #3570: 3570.2.diff

File 3570.2.diff, 820 bytes (added by stanislas69, 3 years ago)

Should take into account leper's elexis' and scythetwirler's comments.

  • binaries/data/mods/public/gui/common/network.js

    33    // Must be kept in sync with source/network/NetHost.h
    44    switch (id)
    55    {
    6     case 0: return translate("Unknown reason");
     6    case 0: return translate("Unknown reason. There was a problem connecting to the remote host. This is generally due to port 20595 not being open on the host side. Also, check if you have any firewall or anti-virus blocking the connection.");
    77    case 1: return translate("Unexpected shutdown");
    88    case 2: return translate("Incorrect network protocol version");
    99    case 3: return translate("Game is loading, please try later");