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Offer debug symbols for bundled Windows libraries

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Currently if there's a suspected bug in one of our bundled Windows libs, we have to rebuild it with debug symbols and then hope to reproduce the bug, which is a huge pain. A few examples of where this would help: troubleshooting a crash or assertion failure in FCollada for a particular model (it may be impossible or very difficult to spot the error otherwise), a texture causing an unknown crash in NVTT, and it might be useful to have Spidermonkey symbols too - especially since it's build process is fairly complicated on Windows.

Since most people won't need these symbols, I think they should be available as an optional download for developers. A somewhat related ticket: #290

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comment:1 by historic_bruno, 9 years ago

Another approach would be to split all the precompiled libs out of the main repo, store the source and project files for each of them elsewhere (the binaries/headers would be packaged, possibly retrieved by the proposed Windows/git update utility: #1819, or we could have a "Windows" package that people extract before using SVN/git, while programmers would get a larger package including debug symbols/libs).

This would allow us to rebuild the libraries with the latest MSVC, instead of keeping so many outdated libraries around which are built with different compilers requiring different runtimes, and which nobody knows how to rebuild, with the debug symbols being omitted.

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