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Entity Event - Pick Up

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  • For an entity that is flagged as a collectable item, this event (after showing the "Pick Up" cursor when hovered) removes the target entity from the map (or replaces it with an inert entity).

  • Either has an immediate effect (eg a treasure chest gives a particular amount of ore to the player, or a heal powerup heals the unit and any allies in an aura area, or the hack armour of all the player's units is increased for 30 seconds) ...
  • Or the item becomes "garrisoned" in the entity (often changing his actor: such as a priest carrying a relic, or a warrior now wears the breastplate he picked up) and could have a persistent effect (eg gather rate is increased for the player's units, or the carrier entity has a better armour rating) as long as the item is in his possession. (Typically a carried item will be returned to the world adjacent to the unit if he is killed.)
  • There would also need to be a "Give" event for relics (so that a priest could drop a relic at a temple and the temple would immediately pick it up, effectively exchanging the item from one entity to another).
  • This advanced feature of garrisoning described in this task is only liable to be used to trigger the tech effects of relics (either in Part I or Part II, depending on when we have time to implement them), though more important to TLA inventory, and certainly has a lot of modding potential.

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This fit perfect to relics gameplay.

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