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Set up automated symbol server for Windows debugging

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The autobuilder uploads .exe and .pdb files to SVN. When the game crashes, it creates a minidump (crashlog.dmp) which can be uploaded to Trac and then opened by a developer in Visual Studio or WinDbg to debug the problem more easily, as long as the developer has the same .exe and .pdb files as the user (and preferably the same source files from which it was compiled).

If we upload new builds frequently, it's a pain to manually search for the right versions of those files. So it should be handled automatically via a symbol server, which stores all the .exe and .pdb files (for every version that was ever uploaded) and serves them over HTTP to the debugger on demand.

There is some existing information on how to set up this kind of thing - it seems to basically involve running symstore to handle the issues of assigning checksum-based directory names to each version of the files, and not a lot else. The actual server needs to run on Linux (I believe it's just plain HTTP so that's no problem); it could possibly run symstore in Wine (but I haven't tested that), or could use an independent implementation (maybe Mozilla has some code for this?), or else some work could be done by the autobuild machine on Windows before uploading.

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