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Rated game variable not set correctly

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Whether or not the current game is considered a ranked game is not updated in the correct places, resulting in some rated games being considered not rated and some non-rated games being considered rated.

Code: The variable indicating if the current game is rated is g_rankedGame in JSInterface_Lobby.cpp.

It will be set true whenever one joins the lobby (JSI_Lobby::StartXmppClient) and it will be set from the gamesetup only (JSI_Lobby::SetRankedGame which is only called from gamesetup.js whenever that checkbox changes).

However that's not sufficient to set the variable correctly.

Reproduce [making a non-rated game rated (tested)]:

  1. Start a non-rated lobby game with late-observer-joins enabled
  2. Join the lobby with another account
  3. Join that running game
  4. The developer overlay can be opened for the host, but not for the rejoined client.

Reproduce [making a rated game non-rated (not tested)]:

  1. Join the lobby
  2. Join a rated game, let the game start
  3. Leave the game after it started
  4. Join a non-rated game that has not started yet and leave it
  5. Rejoin the rated game
  6. Should be able to open the dev overlay

Since the gamesetup part is skipped when rejoining, SetRankedGame will never be set correctly.

See also #3547

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