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Automated production for Corrals

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Using the Corral is quite problematic during gameplay because different from farms, that you just build and forget about it, the Corral requires that you constantly select it and click to produce new animals.

I suggest that the Corral should have an automated production where the player can order to produce a certain number of animals every time it has enough resources to do it (food) and there's no other production order (only one batch ordered automatically). So, it would work maybe by clicking on production icon while pressing CTRL, or something similar, and every time a batch ends and the user has enough resources a new batch is ordered automatically.

This automated production suggestion could also be used for producing everything on game, such as soldiers, I usually find myself having to reorder things repeatedly during the game, and this would really help.

Also, another thing that happens while using the Corral is that if all the sheeps are killed and harvested the workers get idle, this means that when a new batch of sheeps gets ready, they wont harvest from those sheeps, the user must select the workers and send them to do it.

So, I suggest that the Corral should work similar to farms, where by selecting workers and right clicking on the Corral or on a sheep, they will know that they must harvest from sheeps that belong to the player, and if there's no sheeps, they must wait, and as soon as a sheep is produced they must harvest it. Sheeps can come from any Corral, not only the one the player right-cliked on.

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This was already suggested.( in some way)

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Backlogging as it is unlikely someone will work on it soon. Plus there is the Herding Corraling ticket that might make this one obsolete

comment:4 Changed 4 years ago by elexis

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Won't fix in my opinion.

If your corrals or cavalry becomes idle, you're doing it wrong:

With the current balancing (alpha 17-21), you can produce 1 sheep per corral continuously if you have 1 cavalry per corral. Once that works nicely, one can start to produce batches of 5 and produce more cavalry (ratio 2 cavalry per corral). It takes a long time until a batch of 5 is produced, so once you get there it's less likely to mess it up. You can even do batches of 10 then and you will likely have tens of thousands of extra food then. Sure, it is micro-management hell and I mess it up often as well.

Furthermore I don't think it is a good idea to bind units to a task that way, making the units control themsevles instead of letting the player decide directly.

But if you come up with a convenient and elegant solution, I might change my mind.

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Component: UI & SimulationUI – In-game

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Refs. Phab:D2658.

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