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[PATCH] Gamesetup GUI handling rewrite

Reported by: elexis Owned by: elexis
Priority: Must Have Milestone: Alpha 22
Component: UI & Simulation Keywords: patch
Cc: Imarok Patch:

Description (last modified by elexis)

Aim of the ticket: In order to reduce code complexity (making things independent from each other) and to get maintainable code, it is required to

(1) unify duplicated functions in the gamesetup that initialize and update GUI objects and (2) separate the GUI methods (initializing GUI objects with userchoices, deciding when GUI obejcts are hidden/enabled/checked/selected) from the business logic (when and how settings can be changed).

Due to most gameattributes having their own peculiarities, code had been copy & pasted vastly, was changed slightly and then copied and changed again. This feedback loop resulted in several layers (orders of magnitude) of doing it wrong.

Why it is needed: Every addition to the gamesetup has to go through pain of reading hundreds of lines of unrelated code and in worst-case trial-n-error to come up with a patch. This is true regardless of the size of change. Recent examples include #3234 and ticket:2676#comment:4. #3049 and #3806 also directly require these changes.

Some peculiarities:

  • The initFoo functions called from initGUIObjects are nearly identical, but some set defaults, others don't.
  • the selectable items of all dropdowns are fixed, except the mapSelection dropdown which is reinitialized after changing mapType or mapFilter.
  • the rating setting is shown only for lobbied games
  • cheats can only be set in multiplayer
  • teams locked is only enabled if the rating setting is unchecked
  • some options (ceasefire, population capacity) can only be set on some "random" and "skirmish" maps. Others can only be set on "random" maps only (number of players, mapsize). Others can be set on all maps (gamespeed).
  • sometimes settings which can't be configured on the current maptype are shown but read-only (mapsize shows "Default" for non-random maps) while others are completely hidden (cheats)
  • the victory condition also updates the scripts variable
  • some GUI controls are set only once (initMultiplayerSettings), while others are updated regularly
  • changing the mapfilter, maptype or mapselections means nuking prior settings, loading the mapchoice and setting defaults otherwise
  • Don't get me started on the persistmatchsettings... #3883

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t3994_gamesetup_GUI_rewrite_v1.patch (44.7 KB) - added by elexis 3 years ago.
t3994_gamesetup_GUI_rewrite_v2.patch (41.4 KB) - added by elexis 3 years ago.
t3994_gamesetup_GUI_rewrite_v3.patch (54.7 KB) - added by elexis 3 years ago.
Committed some parts of the previous patch in r18315, r18299, r18298, r18297 and r18296. Rebased the patch after like 10 hunks with hundreds loc failed. g_DropdownArrays is half implemented half broken.

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Change History (13)

comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by elexis

Contains style optimizations to be committed separately (setMapDescription). Contains a patch to remove an unneeded annoying breakpoint (not required for the patch, still). Delays the generation of the matchID and seeds to remove duplication and hiding the value until the game started. Deletes the mapsize "Default" placeholder for scenario/skirmish maps. Shows all instead of no maps if the mapFilter is broken. Displays "Unknown" if a setting (f.e. map) wasn't found.

Changed 3 years ago by elexis

comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by elexis

In 18227:

Gamesetup cleanup (game/map-description), refs #3994.

Add linebreaks.
Eliminate unneeded variables mapName and gameDescription.
Remove a check as is always defined.
Sort the two one-line statements above the helper variable declarations to make it more more obvious that the statements don't use them.

Changed 3 years ago by elexis


comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by elexis

Keywords: review removed

Broke the mapfilter when I overwrote the v1 patch. Also working on implementing the TODO about g_DropdownArrays for abstracting the player-assignments logic.

Changed 3 years ago by elexis

Committed some parts of the previous patch in r18315, r18299, r18298, r18297 and r18296. Rebased the patch after like 10 hunks with hundreds loc failed. g_DropdownArrays is half implemented half broken.

comment:4 Changed 3 years ago by elexis

Also discussed a different approach with Imarok and leper. Instead of using g_Checkboxes, g_Dropdowns and g_DropdownArrays one could use g_GameAttributesLogic and have that nested. This has some advantages (potentially removing a bit duplication) but also downsides (complexity parsing a nested object with potentially many edge cases, probably not really being needed).

I'm in favor of first merging the logic of the patch above once it's finished and then potentially switching to the nested object later if it becomes apparent that it'd be really useful.

The focus should lie on deleting the duplication and merging the similar yet slightly different logic first. Switching to a nested structure will be easier then too, though it would change many lines again.

comment:5 Changed 3 years ago by elexis

Note to self: Sometime this alpha there was a bug introduced: If the map changes AI players become unassigned.

comment:6 Changed 3 years ago by elexis

Milestone: Alpha 21Alpha 22

Too few time remaining for this release.

comment:7 Changed 3 years ago by elexis

Owner: elexis deleted

comment:8 Changed 2 years ago by elexis

Milestone: Alpha 22Work In Progress

Moving to the Work In Progress milestone, since there is a patch asking for feedback, but since it is not strictly bound to a specific release.

comment:9 Changed 2 years ago by elexis

Owner: set to elexis
Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

In 19504:

Unify gamesetup option handling, fixes #3994, refs #3049.

Removes a lot of duplication and ugly GUI handling code with very similar, yet different code paths.
Move the setting specific logic to the functions of that setting and keep the universal logic in global atomic functions.
Make gamesetup.xml agnostic of all gamesetup settings.

Adding a new gamesetup option now only requires adding one hunk with the titles and values and one line in g_OptionOrderGUI.
Opens up the possibility to iterate over all settings, refs #3806, #3883.

Allow starting singleplayer games in observermode with only AIs assigned, fixes #4078.
Autocomplete translations of all setting titles and selected title values like playernames and victory conditions.

Transfer the AI difficulty when swapping with a player.
Move logic from onTick to the GUI handling functions.
Change some global consts to var, so that contributors become invited to change them from a different place.
Add missing startGameButton tooltip translation.

Differential Revision:
Reviewed By: wraitii
Some strings reviewed By: leper

comment:10 Changed 2 years ago by elexis

Description: modified (diff)
Milestone: Work In ProgressAlpha 22
Priority: Should HaveMust Have
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