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    33Concerning the comment about several heroes, it's true that in vanilla game, we have only one hero, but this limit can easily be modified and we will certainly see some mods without it in the future. So if we can easily take it into account aready now, it's better to do it, otherwise just add a TODO.
     5Edit: i looked a bit at the changes in attackManager.js (the AI targeting the player with the nearest hero) and do not support this change because
     6- it is too much cheating as the ai is not supposed to know where other players'heroes are. I agree that what is currently done (i.e. targeting the player with the nearest cc) is also cheating, but here the cc info is only used as a representation of the enemy base which is in principle easily obtainable by a human player with just a bit of scouting, while the location of the hero is much more difficult to obtain
     7- the hero can move, so you can exploit such a feature (moving your hero to the extremity of the map or on an isolated island) to avoid being attacked by the AIs.
     9I've not yet had time to look at the other features. Will comment on them when done.