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Reduce garrisoned regeneration rate for disconnected buildings

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Buildings without root territory should have a lower garrisoned regenration rate. Thus buildings captured in enemy territory are easier to restore for the defender than capturing the same building in the owners territory.


  • We don't want garrisoned intact buildings to be captured by enemies.
  • We want defenders to have a reasonable chance to regain lost buildings in their own territory.

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comment:1 Changed 3 years ago by fatherbushido

It's hard enough to capture a barrack in ennemy territory and a bit hard to keep it (it requires to have 10 units useless). It should be rewarded in some way. Else, what's the point of capturing such a building? (capture and destroy?). Moreover, the ennemy has yet the capture attack with all his units around + the territory capture.

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comment:2 Changed 3 years ago by elexis

8 units garrisoned in a barracks in enemy territory can compensate 68 capturing citizen soldiers in age 3 (i.e. 1 unit garrisoned can compensate 8 capturing units) or 29 champions. It should be possible to keep it, but those numbers seem a bit odd to me.

comment:3 Changed 3 years ago by fatherbushido

So the 'defending' player has yet done an huge mistake by letting that captured. About numbers, are territory capture taken into account ? Just my input. Perhaps ask scythetwirler, he has less player emotional bias.

comment:4 Changed 3 years ago by elexis

As I said, the barracks was in enemy territory (right besides a civic center even). It takes 25 seconds to capture an empty barracks with 10 skirmisher cavalry. I agree that it is a mistake by the defender that should be punished and that the defender should have a hard time getting it back.

(23:01:51) elexis: 21:13 < elexis> scythetwirler2: garrisoned regen rate is broken in my opinion, an attacker can capture a random building and the defender wont be able to get those enemies out of that building and if forced to have a ram there, often being to forced to build a fort just for that
(23:01:52) elexis: 21:14 < elexis> I think the garrisoned regen rate should be varied for buildings, barracks, temples and houses weaker than CCs and forts
(23:01:52) elexis: 21:14 < elexis> and ideally women < citizens < champions
(23:05:41) scythetwirler: well if it was abandoned, then that's his fault
(23:06:04) scythetwirler: :)
(23:08:12) elexis: the fastest running unit dictates the place of action, thus the attacker can make the enemy run around, not being able to protect every individual building. one cant leave all barracks garrisoned
(23:08:35) scythetwirler: barracks is one of those buildings that needs the loyalty aura (#3974)
(23:08:38) elexis: its captured pretty quickly, often before the arrival of the units that were working not too far away
(23:08:47) scythetwirler: then we should increase capture points of all buildings
(23:09:14) scythetwirler: there has to be a significant defender's advantage to capturing
(23:09:19) elexis: what mostly annoys some players is that one cant get it back, even in the own territory
(23:09:41) elexis: so why not reduce garrisoned regenrate in case of being disconnected or even enemy territory
(23:09:42) scythetwirler: barracks should be somewhere in the heart of your territory :P
(23:10:00) elexis: it applies to all buildings that men can garrison
(23:10:14) scythetwirler: and we have a limited number of those
(23:10:18) elexis: :P
(23:10:25) scythetwirler: temple, barracks, fort, towers, CCs, what else?
(23:10:41) elexis: elephant stables
(23:10:52) elexis: various persian temples
(23:10:56) scythetwirler: but yes, that sounds reasonable to have garrison regen rate nerfed for non-rooted territory
(23:10:58) elexis: champion buildings
(23:11:07) scythetwirler: but only for non-rooted territory
(23:11:20) elexis: that would be consistent
(23:11:21) scythetwirler: or increase the loyalty decay rate of unrooted buildings
(23:11:26) scythetwirler: or both
(23:11:26) scythetwirler: :D
(23:11:40) elexis: I mean there is a "capture by territory" effect regardless, so it doesnt need to be implemented additionally
(23:12:00) scythetwirler: true...
(23:12:07) elexis: the numbers are okay, they aer just not differentiated with that regard

comment:5 Changed 7 months ago by Imarok

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