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    1313Or maybe have some sort of isolated package manager install just for the 0 A.D. build, but IMO the point is we can't just take any old packages built in other contexts and expect them to work in the bundles. And using static libs was 100% reliable, whereas picking up dylibs was kinda flaky back then (lots of major changes between OS X versions, plus Apple tended to not update their 3rd party libs).
     15What we don't want is a dev that already uses Homebrew for building random stuff, and then builds a 0 A.D. bundle using a Homebrew-based solution, and then it doesn't work on other macOS versions. That is what used to happen, both with Homebrew and MacPorts.
    1517Another option would be to use e.g. Homebrew for non-release builds and use this script for bundle releases. But I thought having a single build path per OS was most sensible, even if the first full build does take a while (I forget how long it took, maybe 15-20 minutes back in 2015? on a quad-core 8GB RAM VM)