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#4695 new defect

Replace deprecated SimpleGroup and RandomGroup placement functions

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Description (last modified by elexis)

r19929 fixed SimpleGroup and RandomGroup placement functions, but therefore introduced some deprecated placement functions: createObjectGroupsDeprecated and createObjectGroupsByAreasDeprecated.

To fix that, the functions must be replaced with their non-deprecated variant: createObjectGroupsDeprecated->createObjectGroups createObjectGroupsByAreasDeprecated->createObjectGroupsByAreas

Then their arguments should be adapted, so that the map looks the same as before (or even better): amount and retryFactorneed to be adjusted(the 4th and 5th arguments). (Generate some maps in different size to see the effect of the changes...)

Change History (11)

comment:1 by Imarok, 6 years ago

In 19935:

Fix metal mines in latium

Reviewed by: FeXoR. Refs #4695.
Differential Revision:

comment:2 by elexis, 5 years ago

This will also mean that the map generation time will be sped up tremendoulsy, since the previous workaround to do 20k blind attempts to place 10 entities costs some dozen of seconds. Danubius loading time got down from 45 seconds to 20 seconds in my first attempt.

comment:3 by elexis, 5 years ago

Accelerate Danubius map generation performance, from 90 seconds to 15 seconds, refs #5011.

Use the non-deprecated createObjectGroups variants, so that one doesn't have to do 10 million placement attempts...
Mark the area (land, water, island) and only chose random locations from these areas using createObjectGroupsByAreas.
Don't ignore the map border for siege engine patrol points, because AvoidClassesConstraint is very slow for large radiuses.

comment:4 by Imarok, 5 years ago

Description: modified (diff)

You should update the list.

comment:5 by elexis, 5 years ago

Description: modified (diff)
Keywords: simple removed
Milestone: BacklogAlpha 24
Priority: Should HaveMust Have

List not really needed as it's about every map. Writing the patch is not the problem, reviewing it is. Most annoying are the calls in the library since those affect all maps simultaneously. On the new map hellas it seems impossible to create proper amounts of resources.

comment:6 by elexis, 5 years ago

In 21262:

Increase resource counts on Hellas, refs #4695.
Fix one progress bar update reverting the progress.
Reported in some benefitial svn testgames with temple, Imarok, bb, (-_-), nani, Hannibal_Barca, PrincipalityOfZeon, ValihrAnt and Stan

comment:7 by elexis, 5 years ago

In 21635:

Small random map cleanup.

Replace deprecated createObjectGroups on River Archipelago to ensure mine placement, refs #4695.
As request by Hannibal Barca, remove the arctic fox on Scythian Rivulet.
As reported by (-_-) / smiley, place tilapia instead of tuna fish at the nile river.

comment:8 by Stan`, 2 years ago

Milestone: Alpha 24Alpha 25

comment:9 by wraitii, 22 months ago

Priority: Must HaveShould Have

comment:10 by Imarok, 20 months ago

Milestone: Alpha 25Alpha 26

comment:11 by Freagarach, 10 months ago

Milestone: Alpha 26Backlog
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