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Remove waiting state of lobby games

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Lobby players have often been asking why some games in the lobby are orange and others red. The difference isn't explained anywhere.

Only from reading the code, we can deduce that the state of an "waiting" or "orange" game is, according to, a game where self.gameList[JID]['nbp-init'] > data['nbp'], i.e. any game where the number of players that started a game is greater than the current number of players.

It is questionable what the use case of that is. If it's an indication that should ease the player finding the game where he's missing, then this can be done clientside without the additional state. It would also only highlight the games relevant to that player.

Another issue is that it doesn't account for defeated offline players.

A removal of this state would furthermore improve the performance slightly, as the gamelist updates become reduced.

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