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Display CJK languages in the "language selection menu"

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I think that not seeing the CJK languages in the "Language selection menu" makes these languages hidden from the users.

I've been told (on IRC) that these languages were not listed because they are too heavy to be included in the distribution.

Chinese and Japanese players can still play but after loading specific mods. This doesn't help people play the game in their favourite language.

I think that all languages should be listed in the "language selection menu" (even CJK ones).

For examlpe, once the Korean language is selected, a message appears and explains the player how to play 0AD in Korean.

Selecting one of these languages just has to display a message with some instructions about how to load the specific mods.

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comment:1 by leper, 3 years ago

I doubt that this is actually a simple ticket, since to display those language options we would have to include the needed character to display those languages... And I'm assuming the description how to install the mod should be in the specific language and not in English, at which point we're back at the problem that bundling those fonts bloats the font files.

Also why not just highlight that there are mods for those and how to install them (hint: there is a wiki page about that already, which is IIRC even translated to Japanese).

Then again someone caring enough about those languages (and/or 4K support) should just rip out the current font code and replace it with something based on Pango.

comment:2 by Itms, 3 years ago

Ah sorry I was the one suggesting the "simple" tag because I was thinking about a message in English, actually. I wasn't thinking about masking the lack of fonts in a seamless way but something much more basic that would just point people to the wiki page for mod installation.

Pango would, of course, be the best way to get rid of our custom code.

comment:3 by stanislas69, 3 years ago

How hard would it be to include Pango ? What are the files that would need to be changed / removed ?

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