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Build 0ad using system libmozjs-52 / SpiderMonkey52

Reported by: Ludovic Owned by: Itms
Priority: Should Have Milestone: Alpha 24
Component: Core engine Keywords:
Cc: fabio, Krinkle Patch:


I maintain the Debian package of 0ad. 0ad fails to build on arm64 because mozjs83 fails to build. The error is:

/<<PKGBUILDDIR>>/libraries/source/spidermonkey/mozjs-38.0.0/js/src/jit/shared/CodeGenerator-shared-inl.h:232:10: error: 'class js::jit::MacroAssembler' has no member named 'verifyHeapAccessDisassembly'
     masm.verifyHeapAccessDisassembly(begin, end,

See for the complete build log.

One solution would be to use the mozjs package provided by Debian and already available for arm64.

Debian unstable provides libmozjs-52-dev. I tried to patch 0ad (work-in-progress patch attached) to use this mozjs version but the build fails with:

../../../source/scriptinterface/NativeWrapperDecls.h:79:51: error: ‘jsval’ has not been declared
  static bool callMethod(JSContext* cx, uint argc, jsval* vp);
../../../source/scriptinterface/NativeWrapperDecls.h:79:51: note: in definition of macro ‘OVERLOADS’


../../../source/scriptinterface/NativeWrapperDefns.h:133:50: error: cannot convert ‘int*’ to ‘JS::Value*’ for argument ‘2’ to ‘JS::CallArgs JS::CallArgsFromVp(unsigned int, JS::Value*)’
   JS::CallArgs args = JS::CallArgsFromVp(argc, vp); \

it looks like the 0ad code needs some changes to migrate from mozjs-38 to mozjs-52.

Is there any interest to support a more recent (and supported, with security bugs fixed, etc.) version of mozjs for 0ad?

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mozjs52.patch (4.6 KB ) - added by Ludovic 3 years ago.
preliminary patch to build 0ad using system libmozjs-52

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by Ludovic, 3 years ago

Attachment: mozjs52.patch added

preliminary patch to build 0ad using system libmozjs-52

comment:1 by Ludovic, 3 years ago

Nobody interested in using a supported libmozjs library?

comment:2 by elexis, 3 years ago

First we have to update to SpiderMonkey 45, work was started here but there are still a number of things todo (

You can find some previous SM upgrade tickets on trac, that is a considerable amount of work, much more than a small patch fixing some compile warnings.

For instance the SM38 upgrade was done in 35 commits: r18689

comment:3 by elexis, 3 years ago

Keywords: mozjs removed
Summary: Build 0ad using system libmozjs-52?Build 0ad using system libmozjs-52 / SpiderMonkey52

comment:4 by stanislas69, 3 years ago

Can't we skip to 52 directly ?

comment:5 by elexis, 3 years ago

Keywords: rfc added
Milestone: BacklogWork In Progress

We have to find out what has changed meanwhile. Pyrogenesis code that is incompatible to sm45 will be incompatble to sm52 too, so skipping will be more work as far as I understand.

On the other hand compile warnings should always be addressed, so we should review the uploaded patch either way.

comment:6 by Michael Shigorin, 2 years ago

I'd be willing to donate some money for this work, ALT's e2k port has mozjs52 but getting mozjs38 there is problematic right now.

comment:7 by elexis, 2 years ago

There is a patch with some days of started work for sm60: Phab:D1510. (I still don't know if it will be easier to jump to the latest stable or to progress one release at a time. The patch looked like it might be manageable to jump.)

comment:8 by Michael Shigorin, 2 years ago

Heh, I won't see 60 on e2k for quite some time I guess...

comment:9 by elexis, 2 years ago

Our sm60 patch could be next month or next decade too.

About the version, Itms mentioned in an internal thread that the next 'LTS' is SM60, but I couldn't verify this for now. According to the latest release is SM52 and no sucessor officially scheduled yet.

comment:10 by elexis, 21 months ago

Keywords: rfc removed
Milestone: Work In ProgressAlpha 24

comment:11 by Michael Shigorin, 21 months ago

2 elexis: as previously noted, I'm willing to donate some money, especially if someone can do the transition from mozjs38 with an explicit stop at mozjs52 (that will gain a whole new target platform). Let it be 50 euros to be more specific, and please email me with proper contact if that's acceptable.

comment:12 by elexis, 21 months ago

Notice that our SM includes few patches: The updated version might also require some, implementation will tell.

comment:13 by Michael Shigorin, 21 months ago

Notice that our SM includes few patches

It's fine as long as these are fixes not upstream-incompatible kludges for a particular project :-) SM52 is getting skipped unconditionally, right?.. (I know the "you need it you do it" rule, no moaning)

comment:14 by elexis, 21 months ago

SM52 is getting skipped unconditionally, right?

By default 0ad is compiled with the spidermonkey version in 0ad/libraries/source/spidermonkey/, one can supposedly compile with a shared library using --with-system-mozjs38 wiki:BuildInstructions in case you mean that.

stop at mozjs52

Until there is a new version of spidermonkey that is tagged as "release" that is? Perhaps it wouldn't be too bad for pyrogenesis/0ad to to update beyond the most recent "release" as wraitii did, if the "release" doesn't really differ in stability or maintenance from the most recent version. Debian for instance has mozjs60 in their repository, but mozjs52 is still the most recent "release". The release packe for mozjs52 is completely empty and I can't even find the download via the method they describe after browsing through hundreds of mozjs52 patches. So I suppose "sm52" is the "prerelease" from I'll review what wraitii and Itms did so far, an update of SM is overdue either way.

comment:15 by elexis, 21 months ago

In r20062:

Replace deprecated jsval with JS::Value.
Remove unused SGUIBaseSettings and GUI comment.
Fix indentation of a macro, refs D794.

Differential Revision: ​
Review by: leper.
Itms came up with the same patch for the SpiderMonkey 45 update independently.

comment:16 by fabio, 21 months ago

Cc: fabio added

comment:17 by Itms, 21 months ago

In 22052:

SpiderMonkey-related changes in preparation for the upgrade to SpiderMonkey 45, refs #4893.

Reviewed By: wraitii, elexis
Differential Revision:

comment:18 by Krinkle, 15 months ago

Cc: Krinkle added

comment:19 by Ludovic, 15 months ago

The next Debian version (buster) should be released in July 2019. It will provide libmozjs-60-0 and libmozjs-52-0.

It would be fine to target support of libmozjs-60-0 (instead of version 52) if possible.

comment:20 by Itms, 14 months ago

In 22516:

Improvements to simulation hotloading before the SM upgrade, refs #4893.

SM45 will enforce property attributes described at We thus cannot hotload properties with the DontDelete attribute.
Fix an oversight in the hotloading code.
Rename a confusing parameter.

Reviewed By: wraitii
Differential Revision:

comment:21 by elexis, 14 months ago

In 22622:

Replace ScriptInterface ErrorReporter layered hack from rP8063 with proper code, refs rP8975.

Avoids preparation for the SpiderMonkey 45 update, refs #4893 / D1510 .
Add JSAutoRequest missing from rP8063 too.

Differential Revision:
Reviewed By: Itms

comment:22 by Itms, 14 months ago

In 22627:

Upgrade SpiderMonkey to version 45.0.2, refs #4893.

Thanks to wraitii, elexis, Krinkle and historic_bruno for contributions and comments, and to gentz, madpilot, s0600204 and Stan for testing and indirect contributions.

Differential Revision:

comment:23 by Itms, 14 months ago

In 22629:

Revert use of the isRunOnce flag after removal in rP22627 of compile'n go, refs #4893.

This breaked a SM assertion, which was only caught in debug mode. It could have led to subtle bugs during the compilation of JS scripts.
Still set the flag to its default value, because SM devs wanted to change the default in the future.

comment:24 by elexis, 14 months ago

explicit stop at mozjs52

Meanwhile Firefox / SpiderMonkey is at revision 68, so it sounds hurtful not to go further.

I was wondering whether one could introduce a macro that changes the code to work with 52 at option, but that will probably not scale, because we probably want to start using more recnet spidermonkey version features, in specific rooting a std::vector or std::map in a JSContext as demonstrated in this sm60 example:

comment:25 by Michael Shigorin, 14 months ago

For one, I'm still eager to donate e.g. $50 for support of Firefox 52's mozjs *if* that comes feasible (I understand that it can be days or weeks of work more and the suggestion might be just inappropriate). My personal reason is that it's the topmost version of the engine I've got on e2k (Elbrus 2000) architecture, and getting 0ad here would be so nice :-)

comment:26 by elexis, 14 months ago

In 22660:

Update and premake5.lua with the with-system-mozjs45 flag from SpiderMonkey 45 in rP22627, refs #4893.

Differential Revision:

comment:27 by elexis, 14 months ago

In 22661:

Replace JS_THIS_OBJECT and JS::CallReceiver in preparation for SpiderMonkey 49 and 61.

Differential Revision:
Refs #4893, D1699, D2142, D844, rP7259, ...
Tested on: clang 8, VS2015, Jenkins

comment:28 by wraitii, 13 months ago

Wasn't too sure where to drop this, but it appears SM70 might have serious performance optimisations for our use cases:

comment:29 by elexis, 10 months ago

TODO: It seems there is a SpiderMonkey segfault, see #5636, reproducible with:

	Object.defineProperty(this, "f", {
	    get: function() {
	        return (function() {

comment:30 by Itms, 10 months ago

In 23214:

Patch SpiderMonkey 45 against bug, refs #4893.

Reported By: Dansasbu
Tested By: Dansasbu, Stan

Differential Revision:

comment:31 by Itms, 7 weeks ago

Owner: set to Itms

The migration to SM52 is ready to be tested. You can find the code at

Here is the forum post describing the upgrade in detail:

To address concerns above about upgrading to newer versions: we are going to try and use more recent versions, also available in the package managers. We do not plan to stick with SM52, unless forced by lack of manpower or unexpected issues.

Note: See TracTickets for help on using tickets.