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Improve hwdetect config override behavior

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Currently, hwdetect is used to override default.cfg settings for various graphics cards and drivers that we've found to have issues. It should override default.cfg, but not user-applied settings from local.cfg/user.cfg. It should also use the standard JSI_ConfigDB interface. There are several TODOs to that effect:


// The Set* functions will override the default behaviour, unless the user
// has explicitly set a config variable to override that.
// (TODO: This is an ugly abuse of the config system)


// TODO: add some mechanism for setting config values
// (overriding default.cfg, but overridden by local.cfg)

See Phab:D2123 for related discussion.

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comment:2 by wraitii, 3 years ago

In 23747:

Refactor HWDetect and rendering options setup.

Remove duplication when setting graphic options by reading the configDB directly.
Properly protect the ModIO config keys.

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Refs #5538

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