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UnitAI Gathering optimisations

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UnitAI's "GATHER.GATHERING" is called often (1/rate, which is around once per second) for each gathering entity. Because it does a fair few computations in its Timer Handler (checking if we still can gather, checking the range, gathering, possibly doing some dropsite related checks), it ends up being a large part of the sim Update in the late game (easily taking upwards of 10ms/frame).

There are two main things we could do:

  • Avoid sending 2 messages in Perform Gather (resource Carrying & resource Supply changes). Only AIProxy subscribes, and the messages are usually redundant because multiple entities generally gather from one Supply. From profiling I'd guess this cuts time by ~10-20%.
    • Here the solution would be to dynamically subscribe resourceSupply/Gatherer AIProxy (_maybe_ just supply) so that on turn's end, it queries its state and sends it to the AI. Avoids redundant work. When playing with no AI, could be de-activated entirely.
  • Increase the timer interval. We currently collect one resource each "timer", but we could run the timer 2x less often and just collect 2 resources. I think given the capacities our entities have, this would be a good optimisation, effectively reducing work by 2x, and thus possibly saving up to 50% computation time.

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comment:1 by wraitii, 5 months ago

(Note that this is a particularly bad problem in MP, because 500ms turns means that timers fire almost every turn for each entity, meaning there is very little 'smoothing' effect from doing X% of entities every turn, unlike in SP where 200ms turns means that any individual turn is faster even if the total computation cost isn't decreased).

comment:2 by Freagarach, 5 months ago

(Do notice carrying capacity is increased by 5 on storehouse techs.)

comment:3 by Angen, 2 months ago

Component: UI & SimulationSimulation

comment:4 by wraitii, 2 weeks ago

Milestone: Alpha 25Alpha 26

I think the 500->200ms turn change has indirectly helped with this. Pushing & should be reevaluated for A26

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