Alpha 20 - Timosthenes

Named after the Greek navigator and geographer.

Created by Wildfire Games between November 28th 2015 (r17299) and March 28th 2016 (r17965).
The trailer can be seen here.
Go to the Changelogs page if you are looking for a different timeframe.

The following list highlights the most important changes (more noticeable ones first):

Researchable Technologies

r17875 Use allied dropsites (storehouses, farmsteads, docks, CCs, but not Mauryan elephant) (#3791)
r17344 Murder Holes - let towers attack units standing underneath the tower
r17311 Fish gathering speed upgrade


r17903 8 new random maps "Ambush", "Empire", "Flood", "Frontier", "Hell's Pass", "Island Stronghold", "Lions Den" and "Stronghold" (#3455 r17734 r17844)
r17440 4-player skirmish map "Forest Battle"
r17697 2-player skirmish map "Golden Island"
r17847 Map previews for Mainland, Sahel, Survival Of The Fittest and some demo maps (#3798)


r17452 New trees and variations (acacia, aleppo, oaks, dead oaks, generic dead trees) and grapes texture
r17926 New Seleucid barracks

Gameplay & Balancing

r17571 Battlefield medicine tech: Units only regain health while idle (#3606, r17590)
r17334 Loot resources that killed enemies carried (kill wood workers to get wood) (#2732)
r17954 Macedonian silver shield upgrade doesn't unlock the training of champs at the barracks anymore (#3853)
r17882 Limit arrows on certain buildings and ships (#3196)
r17654 Farms change ownership after capturing a CC (#3741)
r17564 Promotion improves capture strength
r17801 Drop carried resources when finishing to build a dropsite
r17521 Drop resources before switching to the next order (#1670)
r17818 Locked-teams completely locks diplomacy (#3702)
r17799 Mauryan pillar of ashoka a trade speed bonus (#3639)
r17849 Ships can be garrisoned in cart superDock with a heal rate (#3810)
r17811 The garrison aura bonus of heros didn't work (#3797)
r17536 Slower repairing of walls (#3707)
r17706 Macedonian and Iberian fortress more expensive and slower to build
r17770 Fix hero auras to actually improve building cost and walk speed (#3769)
r17952 Need 10 minutes instead of 5 to win a wonder-game

(less noticable:)
r17476 Balance loot of animals (#3701, r17493)
r17312 Wall towers half attack damage. Lower cost of walls and faster to build.
r17329 "gift from the gods" cheat
r17336 Gatherer from pyramids with more units (#3583)
r17386 Easier balancing using relative templates (#2936)
r17461 Don't resurrect dead units when promoting them
r17514 Adjusts female citizen HP (#3510)
r17610 Defeat the player if no more units, nor buildings to train units are present (#3229)
r17754 Small vision range for aggressive animals (#3783)
r17782 Influence all (Ptolemian) mercenaries by auras and techs (#3770)
r17800 Do not drop resources when garrisoning in allied structure
r17854 Market exploit (#3812)
r17878 Decrease the hack armour of fields to favor rushes

User Interface

r17625 Better options dialog (dropdowns, revert and default settings button) (#2596, r17657)
r17830 Credits page in the main menu (#3744)
r17335 Show icon for the female inspiration aura (#3384)
r17674 Disable the idle-worker-button if no units are idle (#3736)
r17880 Fix back-to-work button when selecting multiple units
r17362 Enlighten too dark username-colors in the lobby
r17805 New inscription on the altar in the main menu background
r17594 Cinematic camera paths
r17399 Don't emit sounds when selecting dead animals
r17342 Gives repair a lower priority compared to capture (#3443)
r17465 "/clear" chat command
r17443 Actually assign joined players to empty slots

Structure Tree / Tooltips

r17644 Display unlisted hero auras (#3655)
r17328 Show units that can train other units (#3213)
r17518 Show repair-speed (#3395 r17609)
r17643 Show population-bonus of buildings (#3738)
r17662 Show the city wall bonus (#3655 #3766 r17762)
r17638 Unit-stance tooltips (#3385 r17639)
r17784 Correct siege and ship arrowcount tooltip
r17865 Don't confuse speed and time bonus (#3600)
r17331 Template analyzer tool usable again

Observer / Replay mode

r17617 Show the selection panels to observers / in replays (#3731)
r17675 Let observers change perspective to a player (#3168)
r17893 Follow player commands (#3743)
r17735 Show fog of war in observermode (#3168)
r17423 Ingame summary screen for observers
r17758 Defeated players become observers
r17771 Observer, ally, enemy and private messaging in chat

(less noticable:)
r17665 Sort replaylist by date
r17761 One replay directory per release (#3255)
r17709 Stop animations at the end of replays (#3581)
r17861 Change late-observer setting in running games (#3669)
r17672 Easier deleting of multiple replays (#3473)
r17845 Ask whether to join running games in the lobby
r17390 Some replays didn't show up in list
r17852 Quit replay list immediately if requested (#3446)
r17383 Restore player and game selection when updating the lists (#3244)

Petra AI

r17626 Make AI harder using a trade multiplier
r17596 Build near walls but not gates (#3725)
r17407 Better dock placement
r17426 Improve the detection of stuck gatherers (#3562)
r17824 Do not let the AI build too much towers or fortresses
r17827 Improve choice of workers (#3586)
r17543 Defense tweaks
r17705 Improve performance of docks positioning
r17723 Improve migrating from islands


r17881 Hosting with up to 16 observers and change late-observer-setting ingame (#3254 #3671)
r17730 Show who lags or has a network timeout (#3264)
r17710 Show players if the host closed the server
r17881 Show players if the server is full
r17851 Prevent duplicate user joins ("User" and "User (2)") (#3604)
r17780 Always show "offline" if a player is disconnected (#3677)


r17772 Don't disconnect the host in case of extended lag (#2854)
r17444 Multiplayer game couldn't be started sometimes
r17751 Fix crash when someone joins the gamesetup while host selects the dropdown

Pathfinder bugs

r17765 Prevent short pathfinder to go into impassable region (#3785)
r17769 Less units going back and forth around the target

Performance Optimizations

See also wiki:GamePerformance. Likely not more than 5% overall performance increase.

r17350 Pathfinder optimization
r17409 Pathfinder optimization
r17413 Pathfinder optimization (#3588)
r17500 Pathfinder optimization (#3541)
r17560 Pathfinder optimization (calculeTerritories)
r17561 Optimization of isBoxVisible (#3712)
r17573 Optimizes range queries (#3717)
r17764 Update goal before pathing when moving target (#3472) and improve unitMotion overlay
r17866 Remove the now useless Unit-Motion planning (#3790)

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