0 A.D. Alpha 21: Ulysses

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Development started by ​Wildfire Games on April 2nd 2016 (r17966).
Feature Freeze: September 25th 2016 (r18781)
String Freeze: September 29th 2016 (r18793)
Translation and Commit Freeze: November 1st 2016 (r18904)
Release Date: November 8th 2016 (r18915)

Release Announcement: here
An overview of all tickets handled is found at the milestone on trac.
To download and install the developmental release of 0 A.D., see wiki:BuildInstructions .

The following list presents all changes noticeable to the enduser, more important ones first.
Many small bugfixes are not mentioned here.

Game Modes

r18544 Regicide (start the game with a hero and become defeated if it's killed) (#2160, r18731)
r18075 Make Wonder Victory gamemode playable by allowing the timeout to be varied (#3234, r18189 r18411)
r18075 Last Man Standing (disables allied victory, thus allows to play diplomacy games where only one player can win) (#3970)

Gameplay & Balancing

  • "New" buildings and champions (that have been hidden in few scenario maps) can now be produced in every match (marked in bold).
  • The aim of the balancing changes is to stop players from destroying buildings with infantry and cavalry, enforce the use of siege engines and reducing the spamming of champions by making them more expensive.
  • Early attacks are more feasible by adding town phase champions, nerfing the damage of garrisoned buildings but also allowing early towers to be upgraded to stone towers.


r18024 Make previously unused buildings and champions available:

Athenians and Sparta can build up to two Royal Stoa and produce Sword- and Skirmisher Infantry Champions there
Britons can build a Crannog, which is both a Civic Center and a Dock
Persians can build up to two halls from which Spear- and Skirmisher Infantry Champions and War Elephants can be produced (r18043, r18901)
Romans can build (at most one) Temple of Vesta, Persians the Ishtar Gate, which increase the capture-strength of garrisoned units within 75m of the temple (r18753)
Athenians, Carthaginians, Macedonians, Romans, Spartans and Ptolemaic Egyptian wonders are temples, thus heal nearby (60m) and garrisoned units

r18025 Nerf Champions, allow training Thracian Black Cloak champions in Town Phase

Reduce armour by 1-2 levels, roughly 25% more build cost and take twice the time to train
Researching the tech to build champions from barracks costs 1000 metal
Thracian Black Cloak (Sword Champions) can be trained in half the time of standard Champion Sword Infantry, starting in Town Phase
Athenian can train archer mercenaries at the Dock
Naked Fanatics cost double the metal, train in half the time, run 50% faster than infantry champions but only 85% HP (r18910)
Increased research time of technology to train Champions at Barracks from 40 seconds to 90 seconds
Macedonian Silver Shield 10% more max HP, +1 Hack/Pierce Armour after upgrade
Champion Skirmisher Cavalry ranged attack range decreased from 48 to 32 meters

r18155 Allow training naked fanatics in town phase (r18025)
r18887 Less accurate cavalry archers, less attack damage for chariot archers
r18249 Balance hellenic champions

Sparta Elite Citizen Soldier Swordsmen cost 20 instead of 10 metal
Reduce Thrace Black Cloak metal cost to 150
Give the Armored Swordsmen (Thorakites) more armor but less attack damage

r18894 Mauryan chariots can only be produced from the fortress
r18777 +3 hack and pierce armor for mauryan yoddha warriors


r18598 Carthaginian hero Maharbal +5 melee cavalry attack bonus
r18233 Mauryan hero ashoka and chanakya reduce research time, see Aura section below (#3930)
r18850 Slightly stronger melee hero elephants

Siege Engines and Elephants

r18037 Strengthen siege and elephants

Add about 60% Health Points
Increase armor by 2 levels
Increase Capture Points from 250 to 500
Rams cannot be captured anymore
Regenerate capturepoints when garrisoned
Reduce packtime for ranged siege
Tower range reduced from 80m to 76m

r18528 Rams can garrison up to 10 units

Persian rams up to 12

r18243 Make previously unused Ptolemian bolt shooter available (#4006)

Fix bolt shooter precision tech which didn't work previously

r18149 Limit population cost of siege and elephants to at most 3
r18286 Allow garrisoning elephants at the elephant stables

Less walk speed and large obstruction size for archer elephants

r18735 5 crush armor for all siege engines

+25% Repeat rate for bolt shooters
Require only 10 units for the siege tower

r18766 Siege towers can't capture
r18814 The "will to fight" tech also boosts siege engine and ship attack damage (and dogs r18844)
r18846 Less crush damage for siege towers

Capturing and Armor

r18045 Improve resistance of buildings

25% more capture points for CCs
Increase hack armor of buildings significantly

r18157 Increase garrisoned regenerationrate from 4 to 5 in village phase (r18045)

add +7 instead of +2 in town phase
and +9 instead of +1.5 in city phase

r18517 Big houses construct roughly 5 seconds faster, hellenic houses 10% more health
r18024 Iberian monument can't be captured anymore
r18215 Don't let the capture strength approach infinity as the building HP tends to 0 (#3973)
r18363 Archer elephants can't capture
r18716 Less armor for economic buildings

Economic Buildings

r18008 Corrals: Britons, Gauls and Iberians produce pigs, Carthaginians, Mauryans and Ptolemaic Egyptians produce goats (#3877)
r18004 Dropsites shared by default (#3791)
r18405 More territory influence for storehouses and corrals

Defensive Buildings

r18770 Reduce attack damage of all defensive structures by 20%
r18754 Upgrade sentry towers to defense towers (#4125)
r17970 Reduce Wall Turret range from 88m to 72m, increase minimum range from 3m to 12m
r17999 Defense tower techs don't affect Wall Turrets anymore
r18049 Most buildings (especially towers) can't be built in unconnected territory anymore (#3526)
r18693 Melee cavalry also shoots arrows when garrisoned
r18802 Iberian tower garrison limit 8
r18024 Roman's can't build wooden (sentry) towers anymore
r18768 50m minimum distance between outposts
r18786 Rename wooden towers to sentry towers (to fit the model)


r18402 Nerf mauryan ship health points from 2200 to 1600

Reduce bireme cost

r18427 Buff quinquereme (catapult ships) to be effective against buildings (#4065, r18818)


r18255 Increase armor of the Wonder, 3 minutes research time for population upgrade
r18271 Wonders receive rallypoints (#4002)


r18738 Revised loot and added missing entries to many new buildings


r18765 Humans target humans, while siege engines prefer to target buildings. This also makes the AI and Gaia much more dangerous. (#4194, r18892) r18476 Train women in houses in phase 1
r18280 Reduce upgraded and promoted healer range and make healers smarter (#3932)
r18625 Deal damage even if the attacker dies (#3610)
r18044 Units gain experience-points per hit instead of per kill (#3889)
r18131 Reduce gathering speed of promoted units as it was some releases ago (r18165, r18167, r18175)
r18849 Garrison more units at champion buildings, persian palace, embassies and kennel
r18891 Nerf celtic (british/gallic) population bonus of market, blacksmith and temple (r18896)

Technologies, Auras and Team bonuses

r18115 New team bonuses: #2445

20% less build cost of civic centers for allies of Seleucids
20% less cost of skirmishers for allies of Iberians
25% faster ship buildtime for allies of Athen

r18233 New auras affecting research time and costs (#3930, #4003)

Owning a library (available to Macedonian, Ptolemians and Seleucids) reduces the costs of technologies by 10%
Mauryan hero ashoka reduces the cost and research time of temple technologies for the player and his/her allies by 50%
Mauryan hero chanakya reduces the research time of technologies by 50% when garrisoning the researching building

r17974 Owning multiple wonders gives multiple population bonuses (#3522, #3792)
r18248 Owning multiple libraries and theatrons increases the aura bonus proportionally

Library reduces tech research time by 10%

r18108 New technology to increase international trading bonus (#3917)
r18021 Technologies of the current civilization can be researched at captured buildings
r18207 Multiplications for technologies are now cumulative (r18722)
r18467 Add support to upgrade buildings and units (#2706)


r18655-r18689 Spider Monkey 38 update (#3708, r18579, r18580, r18584)
r18443 Water refraction improvements (#3781)
r17975 Cinematic paths: interpolate camera rotation (#3814)


r18801 Fix GCC6 crashes with the Spider Monkey engine (#4053)
r18711 Large address aware patch, so that the windows 32 bit binaries can use more than 2GB space, should fix most AI crashes on Windows (#4190)

Petra AI

r18195 Be more inclined to help an ally attacked by several enemies
r17971 Use corrals with low starting resources (r18216)
r18503 Use shared dropsites (#4085)
r18731 Simple regicide support (#4142, garrison if < 70% health, attack if > 80% health)
r18096 Less territory recomputation (#3858)
r18168 More precise trade efficiency computation (r18108)
r18216 Decrease a bit the required number of champions in attacks
r18526 Improve detection of inaccessible targets
r18863 Don't defend allied CC foundations that didn't start yet
r18884 Don't go to destroyed foundations


New Maps

r18764 Filter new maps in the gamesetup (#4246)

Geographic Regions

r18523 Amazon, Mediterranean and Red Sea (r18543, r18548)
r18700 Marmara
r18564 Pompeii (r18564)
r18714 Bahrain, Howe Sound, Ngorongoro and Rouen (r18710, r18748)


r18483 3v3 skirmish map "Dueling Cliffs" (showing the maximum map height introduced in alpha 19)
r18781 Random map "Caledonian Meadows" (realistic terrain by height dependent resource distribution, r18819)
r18697 Two Seas skirmish map rework (#2881)
r18714 "Harbor" random map script


r18209 Survival of the fittest comes with siege engines (#3102)
r18915 The treasure finding women on survival of the fittest are invincible (#3102)


New Seleucid Models

r18114 Colonnade
r18098 Barracks and Wonder
r18150 Market
r18229 Corral
r18331 Blacksmith
r18549 Dock
r18758 Library and Military Colony

New Models

r18758 New sentry tower models for all civs
r18758 Gaul fortress
r18119 Gaul tavern
r18053 Fields
r18490 Ptolemaic military colony
r18420 Oak trees
r18592 Ptolemian gate animation

Actor format

r18054 Model variants can be defined in external files (#3286)
r18340 Allow different variants for different health levels and use it for the Iberian fireship #3983
r18265 Specify how often animations should be picked when multiple are given and pick the same animation for both model and prop (#2324, r18568)
r18266 Allow the simulation to pick the actor variation (#3952)


r18084 Roman textures transparency fix
r18082 Roman textures Roman rooftiles update
r18079 Seleucid walls (normalmaps and specular maps)

Portraits and Icons

r18407 Chicken, tiger and deer portraits
r18593 Temple of Vesta (#3959)
r18732 Crannog (#3959)
r18769 Patrol (#1720, r18785)
r18795 Persian Hall
r18855 Ishtar Gate of Babylon (r18856)
r18893 Sentry Tower


r18372 Host on arbitrary UDP ports (#3575)
r18719 Increase observer limit to 32
r18176 Show a notification that the host didn't forward UDP port on failed connect (#3570)
r18371 Retry connecting in the multiplayer join dialog on failed attempts
r18858 Start the game even if someone disconnects while the game is waiting for others to connect(#4289)


r18534 Show the current teams, defeated- or offline players and observers of running games (#3476, #3143)
r18601 Show the time when the match started (#3476)
r18609 Split lobby and ratings bot (#3022, r18610, r18612)

User Interface

r18545 Acoustic notifications when someone else mentions your username in the lobby, game or gamesetup (#3476)
r18639 Grey out disabled buttons and checkboxes of the Stone theme (#4165)
r18725 Use local time instead of UTC in the lobby, replay and savegame menu


r18204 Show which players pause a multiplayer game (#1950)
r18692 Objectives dialog showing the current gamesettings (#3263)
r18775 Chat history (#4069)
r18421 Allow training units in batches of arbitrary sizes(#4059)
r18728 Show unit icons in the hotkey group buttons on the left (#2163)
r18014 Improve selection ring of animals (#3786)
r18007 Allow sharing/unsharing multiple dropsites simultaneously (#3791)
r18361 Buttons for up to 10 heroes (#3000)
r18542 Healers don't show up as idle workers anymore
r18776 Observers see bartered resources (#3839)
r18845 Observers can see the fog of war of defeated players (r18860)
r18347 Observers can focus on rallypoints
r18773 Fix multiple unit selection bugs (#3823)
r18369 Don't address chat to everyone when a client disconnected while typing (#3956)
r18486 Easier access to enemies buildings if the control-all-units cheat is active


r18238 Add hotkey to delete units and buildings without confirmation dialog (#3962)
r18578 Add hotkeys to repair, ungarrison and focus on the rallypoint (#4008, r18571)
r18252 Show hotkeys for delete, stop, garrison, guard, the idle worker button and the trade dialog
r18565 Support disabling of hotkeys in the config file (#3051, r18570)
r18747 Back to work (#4008)


r18533 Allied resources and population count after researching the shared ally vision tech (#3841)
r18154 Carried resources when selecting multiple units (#3113)
r18733 Loot when selecting one or more units and in the tech tree (#4193)
r18094 Health of garrisoned units (#3114)
r18455 Garrison tooltip, number of arrows shot (#3816, #3904)
r18529 Garrisoned healrate rooltip
r18464 Healer tooltip to show range and heal rate (#4026)
r18362 Show playercolor and name of units garrisoned by allies (#4052)
r18475 Walk speed tooltip
r18853 Building height attack range bonus
r18477 Splash damage tooltip for catapults and heavy warships
r18751 Add hint for tab autocompleting playernames (#4145)

Winning / Losing

r18161 Show if a player has resigned or was defeated (#3501)
r18441 Show which player has won and prevent duplicate defeats
r18346 Continue to allow sending commands after winning a game (#3168)


r18239 Add a button to the gamesetup to reset selected civs and teams to random (#3805, r18459)
r18179 Allow filtering the maplist by triggerscript maps (#3013)
r18409 Show map and player information when picking a savegame #1090
r18078 Show the AI dificulty to guests (#3911)
r18692 Better gamesetup descriptions (#4141)
r18124 Swap civilizations when swapping players in the gamesetup (#3804)
r18701 Hide ready button to observers (#4112)
r18764 Filter new maps in the gamesetup (#4246)
r18519 Remove annoying "map not found" warning


r18111 Filter the replay list by victory condition, singleplayer/multiplayer and rated games (#3436)
r18085 Restore filter and selection when returning from a replay (#3742, r18652)
r18031 Link from summary screen to replay (#3437)
r18613 Always save the replay metadata when exiting the game

Summary Screen

r18533 Ingame summary screen showing own and allied score after researching the shared ally vision tech (#3841)
r18771 Show which players are defeated or have won (#4187)
r18395 Capture statistics (#3216)
r18780 Siege statistics (#4033)
r18026 Correct team totals (#3150, #3561)


r18180 Use an actual name instead of "You" in singleplayer (replays) (#3979)
r18193 Immediately update the music gain in the options (#3901)

Performance Optimizations

r18349 Short range pathfinder: Reuse vectors in SplitAAEdges (r18350 #3588)
r18090 Short range pathfinder: Clipping and partial sorting in ComputeShortPath (#3925)
r18011 Flood-fill algorithm of the hierarchical pathfinder (#3588)
r18344 RangeManager: Reuse a vector in PerformQuery (#4045)
r18358 Remove an i64 division by 1

Developer Features

r18423 Profiler2: Graphical comparisons of performance (#4056)
r18574 Warnings if the wrong mods are launched in non-visual replay (#2807)

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