0 A.D. Alpha 22: Venustas

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Development started by ​Wildfire Games on November 10th 2016 (r18916).
Feature Freeze: June 1st 2017 (r19704)
String Freeze: June 4th 2017 (r19736)
Translation Freeze: July 12th 2017 (r19912)
Commit Freeze: July 16th 2017 (r19921)
Release: July 27th 2017 (r19922)

Release Announcement: https://play0ad.com/new-release-0-a-d-alpha-22-venustas/
Tickets: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/query?status=closed&group=resolution&milestone=Alpha+22

An overview of all tickets handled is found at the respective milestone on trac.
To download and install the developmental release of 0 A.D., have a look at the build instructions.

The following list presents all changes noticeable to the enduser up to r19921 (except TODO r19095), more important ones first.
Many small bugfixes are not mentioned here.

Game Mechanics

Capture The Relic

r19345 Capture The Relic gamemode (D152)
r19370 Different relics for each civilization with historically reasoned bonus auras (D269, r19477)
r19518 Select the number of relics (D410)


r19247 An enemy trader can become a spy and reveal its vision for 15 seconds after bribing it with 500 metal (r19249, D117)
r19357 Counterespionage technology (D179)

r19631 Option to disable garrisoning of heroes in Regicide mode (D104, #2160)



r19108 Allow trade with neutral players (D34)


r19052 Hero attack auras are relative (+20%) instead of absolute (+5) (r19055)

I.e. +1 to +3 attack damage for citizen soldiers and +2 to +8 for champions (if no upgrades are researched)

r19550 New Iberian hero auras (D397)


  • 75% more arrows fired per garrisoned soldier for the building or unit he is garrisoned in
  • +1 armor for soldiers


  • -20% training time and -15% resources cost for soldiers


  • "+20% movement speed for soldiers
  • Loot +100% resources for every enemy unit killed or structure destroyed

r19122 New Ptolemian and Macedonian hero auras (D37)

Ptolemian Cleopatra

+25% attack rate for each soldier and siege engine in 60m range
Allied heroes +10% health, enemy heroes -10% health in 30m range

Macedonian Regicide Hero Craterus +20% attack and capture rate for Pikemen in 60m range
Macedonian Regicide Hero Pyrrhus +20% attack, but -15% health for each soldier

r19682 Mauryan hero healer Chanakya receives a heal aura just like the Briton hero Cunobelin has (D565)

Reduce Cunobelin aura effect by 20% HP/s

r19478 Reduce Cunobelin aura range to 30 meters (D395)

r19693 Hero aura balancing

Athenian hero Iphicrates +3 armor instead of +1 for units in his formation
Athenian hero Pericles -25% stone cost for temples and +2 garrisoned temple healrate
Athenian hero Themistocles -50% metal cost for ships and +50% faster training of units for the ship he has garrisoned
Briton hero Boudica only +10% walk speed bonus instead of +25%, redue to 40 meters aura range
Briton hero Caratacos +1 armor for all soldiers and siege engines
Carthaginian hero Maharbal +30% instead of +20% attack for melee cavalry
Gaul hero Brennus 15 instead of 10 metal loot for each killed enemy, but only in 60 meter range
Macedonian hero Demetrius +10% attack, +10% range and +1 armor for siege engines (instead of +10% crush, 15% range)
Mauryan hero Chanakya -20% cost and -50% research time for technologies while garrisoning the building
Persian hero Darius only 10% instead of 15% global walk speed bonus, but affect traders too
Ptolemian hero Ptolemy IV 40% health bonus for pikemen only in 60 meter range
Roman hero Marcellus affects only cavalry instead of everyone and only 15% attack bonus instead of 20%
Roman hero Maximus +2 instead of +1 armor for every building and human
Spartan hero Brasidas affects citizen soldiers only, but +25% instead of +20% attack bonus
Spartan hero Leonidas +25% instead of +20% attack for spear units

r19691 Infantry and cavalry swordsman heroes 33% faster attack rate (D225)

Cavalry heroes cost +200 food +200 wood

r19856 Nerf skirmisher infantry heroes by 20% and buff skirmisher cavalry heroes by 7% (D666)


r19390 Reduce Spear Infantry Champion attack rate (D186)
r19095, r19166 Ptolemian Infantry Pikeman Champion
r19856 Nerf skirmisher infantry champions by 25% and skirmisher cavalry champions by 10% (D666)
r19697 Gaul Naked Fanatic -1 armor (D569)

Citizen Soldiers

r19706 Technology to upgrade all mercenaries to advanced rank (D407, rP19908)
r19186 Slingers can't destroy buildings easily anymore by halving their crush damage
r18950 Spartan Skiritai Swordsmen cost 10 more metal and need 15 instead of 10 seconds to train
r19856 Nerf skirmishers by 10% (D666)
r19331 Briton war dogs slightly more health, armor and attack, limited to 50 dogs (D234)
r19053 Mercenary slingers available to Carthaginians cost 30 instead of 50 stone (r19059)
r19166 Ptolemians train mercenary skirmishers instead of mercenary archers at the civic center (D56)
r19601 Elephant Archer: Double the damage output, health and cost, add 2 pierce, 1 hack armor level and 20 metal cost (D436)
r19811 Pikeman +1 walk speed (D633)
r19095 Pikemen slightly more but slower attack
r19914 Ptolemian Barracks 100 wood less (100 wood, 200 stone), Carthaginian Barracks 50 wood more (150 wood, 150 stone) (D725)

Siege Engines

r19365 Improve passability of all Siege Engines (D253)
r19193 Bolt shooters inflict 75 Pierce and 5 Crush linear splash damage or less to all units in 8m range behind the target (D107)
r19204 Increase bolt shooter health from 100 to 200 and Catapult health from 100 to 250 (D102)

Team Bonuses

Notice these bonuses only apply to the players allies, not the civilization itself.
r18920 Ptolemians: 1 food per second (#4082)
r19616 Macedonians: 20% more sales when bartering (D480, r19615)
r19092 Mauryans: 50% cheaper temples and temple technologies and research/construction time (D19)
r19102 Persians: 15% more profit for land trade (D32)

Carthaginians: 10% more profit for international trade

r19456 Spartans: Citizen Soldier Infantry Spearmen +10% health (D382)

r19591 Britons: -20% resources cost for allied healers (D502)

Gauls: -20% research time for technologies of allies Romans: -20% training time for allied infantry

r19093 Team bonuses are removed upon defeat (D12)


r19885 All women can attack. Remove briton 3.5x attack bonus and 1.5x health bonus. Spartan woman 1.5x attack bonus. (D722)
r19865 Train females at houses for 300 instead of 500 wood (+100 stone) (D701)
r19865 Female health technology (Loom) costs 150 instead of 250 food (D703)

Special Buildings

r19322 Wonders give 1 food, 1 wood, 1 stone and 1 metal every 2 seconds
r19348 Minimum distance between pillars (D196, #4412)
r19839 At most one lighthouse per player (#4290, D387)

Defensive Buildings

r19694 Walls can be captured by territory (D450)
r19505 Roman Army Camp can only be built in neutral and enemy territory and doesn't decay as quickly (D405)
r19816 Sentry tower deals 9 instead of 6 pierce damage (D646)
r19851 Sentry tower range +4 range, so that it can attack archers (D652)
r19220 Romans can build the Sentry Tower
r19284 Macedonian fortress not cheaper anymore


r19365 Improve passability of war ships (D253)
r19274 Ships don't heal units anymore
r19334 Whale doesn't block ships anymore (D188)
r19476 Nerf Iberian Fireships (double decay rate, 50% more train time and costs) (D388)
r19882 Buff carthaginian naval shipyard capturing defense (4x more capture points, 2x more regeneration rate, +5 pierce armor) (D714)


r19723 rabbits 10HP instead of 100HP (D562)

Attack Mechanics

r19438 More accuracy for most units (D361)
r19428 Melee units had no prepare time, reduce ranged units prepare time (D258)
r19590 Melee cavalry doesn't prioritize siege engines anymore (D394, #4543, #4194)
r19791 Damage targets in the fog of war too (D605)


r19709 Fix an infinite attack range bug (D582)
r19095 Renaming and small position tuning of the Column Closed, Line Closed, Line Open and Phalanx formation


r19175 See units garrisoned in allied buildings when not having researched the shared vision tech (#3335)
r19197 Barracks healing upgrade didn't work (D63)
r19455 Women, fishing ships, traders can't patrol (D192)

Cheat Prevention

r19558 Prevent developer cheat to control all units if cheats are disabled (#3551, D455)
r19826 Prevent players from gaining infinite resources if they changed the batch-train size to a non-numerical value (#4459, D66)
r19836 Prevent players from gaining infinite resources by sending non-numerical resources to a player if they had changed the code (D677)
r19831 Fix a bug where players could barter resources at the market without paying taxes if they had changed the code (#4655, D381)
r19155 Remove ability to exit everyones game and colorize buildings and units (#2755, D65)


r19599 New Tutorial (D194, r19628)

New Trigger Maps

r19434 Danubius with gaia strongholds and reoccuring ships that take control of the river and ungarrison units to attack the players (D204, D380)
r19635 Extinct Volcano with rising water (D229, D539)
r19254 Polar Sea with wolves respawning (r19263, D156)
r19319 Cinematic Path Demo (#3814)

New Random Map Scripts

r19221 African Plains (#4354, D134)
r19647 River Archipelago (D467)
r19447 India (D363)
r19548 Botswanan Haven (D362)
r19662 Arctic Summer (D465)
r19704 Wild Lake (D548)

New Skirmish Maps

r19290 Corinthian Isthmus (4) (#2881)


r19840 Group players by team on Alpha 20 (Ambush, Frontier) and Alpha 21 maps (Red Sea, Mediterranean, Amazon, Ngorongoro, Howe Sound, ...) (D664)
r19359 Survival Of The Fittest Rework (D145)

Exponential enemy attacker counts
Gaia heroes and fire raiser units can spawn

r18976 Disable Storehouse on Survival Of The Fittest (#3102)
r19431 Make Caledonian Maedows a round map (D180)
r19520 Make Rouen a round map and rename it to Ratumacos (D177)


r19887 "Tale Of Warriors" (#4565)
r19919 "Sunrise" (short version, played for Gauls r19887)
r19918 "Calm Before the Storm" and "Tavern in the Mist" were not heard in previous releases (D732)

Plays some peace tracks for all civs and to observers.
Play more songs in the menus.


See also the art roadmap forum post
TODO: r19095


r19061 Armor and Clothing: Tunic, Pants, Dress, Capes, Naked Body, Hero accessories
r19095 New models for the following units and structures:


Foundations and construction sites
Briton walls and Fortress, and Textures
Carthaginian buildings
Destruction variants

r19316 Catafalque wagon (Relic)
r19001 Seleucid Elephant (r19002, r19065)
r19017 Seleucid Civic Center stairs
r19021 Gaul storehouse, metropolitan Seleucid cc actor, Carthaginian wall foundation and scaffolding
r19077 Sling weapon
r19029 Adapt brick and wood stacks on foundations to the terrain height
r19130 New Carthaginian Market
r19134 Garrisoned Carthaginian Military Dock variant
r19858 Don't use foundations as rubble art for palisades and some other buildings (D643, D692, D694, D693, r19853, r19854, r19855, r19857, r19859)


r19061 Attack, Walk, Jog, Run, Idle, Gather, Farming, Sheepslaughter, Trade, Carrying, Promotion, Heal, Death for all units except cavalry and siege engines (r19065)
r19071 Capturing
r19069 Praying
r19090 Female healer, Syntagma formation, Celtic chariot
r19132 Slinger attack

Terrain Textures

r19095 Imported terrain textures from Delenda Est. Not used by any map of 0 A.D. yet, but useful for creating new maps.

Alpine Biome


Temperate Biome


Tropic Biome


r18968 Seleucid
r18967 Carthaginian

Icons and Portraits

r19129 Replace unit icons with new versions from the Delenda Est mod (r19167)
r19168 Replace building icons with those from the Delenda Est mod (r19170)
r19289 New technology icons (r19292, r19293)
r19326 Catafalque and Poison icons
r19312 Fertilizer and Victory/Defeat icons
r19336 Farming tech icon
r19277 Wonder icon
r19278 Spy icon
r19371 Battlefield Medicine icon
r19435 Rhinoceros and Shared vision tech icon
r19621 Fox (D524, #4580)


r19095 62 Death screams from opengameart.org

Selection sounds for ships and peacocks

Petra AI

Capture The Relic

r19356 Capture enemy relics (D236, r19644)
r19596 Capture gaia relics (D333, r19598, r19607)


r19085 Send garrison order twice instead of repeatedly, try to find a closer building
r19089 Assign healers to hero (#4142)
r19241 Guard hero with military units, preferably champions (D157)


r19116 Respond to alliance requests (#4431)
r19161 Respond to neutral requests (#4431)
r18945 Last Man Standing support (#4143, r18955)
r19194 Different chat responses (D59)
r19630 Account for relics and wondermode in last man standing mode (D528)
r19654 Occasional diplomacy requests (D544)

Wonder Victory

r19226 Guard the wonder (D140)


r19222 Garrison defensive buildings to attack enemies (D141) (r19547, D446, r19571, r19572)
r19088 Attack instead of capture buildings when attacked by them
r19698 Attack instead of retreating after getting the CC captured (D575)
r19223 Be more inclined to help allies
r19064 Don't ungarrison ranged siege engines after garrisoning them for protection
r19739 Ignore decaying buildings (D586)


r19755 Attempt to avoid trade routes through enemy territory (#4607, D600)
r19902 Move land traders to safety when a trade route is destroyed (#4607, D730)
r19005 Research economic upgrades earlier
r19894 Research technologies in captured buildings (D708)
r19051 Only attempt to pickup treasure if noone else is already grabbing it (survival of the fittest)
r19081 Allow ships to fish further away from their dock while avoiding the enemy shoreline (D7)
r18923 Don't steal allied sheep (#4331)
r19145 Performance improvement by not copying a pathfinder grid
r19459 Use markets in village phase, if available (Polar Sea) (D349)
r19523 Better hunting (D400)

Graphical User Interface


r19519 Aura Range Visualization (#4349, D238)
r19679 Heal Range Visualization (D432, r19708, D571)
r19320 Display which clients are still in the loading screen when starting the game (#4375, D120)
r19819 New player- and minimap resource colors (#763)
r18979 Colorize selected units in observermode by owner(#4167, r19202, D123)
r19199 Diplomacy screen shows defeated players (#4237)
r19237 Chat notification if an ally send resources to another ally (#4308)
r19445 Chat notificaiton if an ally reached the town or city phase (D354)
r19398 Show relics in the top panel (D289)
r19007 /kickspecs and /banspecs command to get rid of observers (#3241)
r19444 Easier doubleclicking on moving units (#4414, D326)
r19401 Hosts can pause the game as observers too (#4520)
r19657 Display seconds, not percentual progress (D542)
r19663 Display chat correctly while waiting for other clients to load (D556)


r19272 Private chat hotkey (D163)
r19354 Bartering in the trade dialog and barter hotkey D88, #4366)
r19878 Unload units hotkey works for allied buildings too (D648)
r19658 Toggle display of status bars when pressing the hotkey (D537)

Summary Screen

r19517 Display all statistics as Graphs (D144)
r19584 Account for captured buildings in the military score, add trade income to the economic score (D494)


r19504 Unify gamesetup options, making it much easier to add new ones (#3994, D322)
r19216 Stay Ready button in the gamesetup (#4369, D49)
r19057 Petra AI setup hint in the singleplayer gamesetup (#4406, D106)
r19588 Tooltips for victory conditions, maptype, starting resources (#3699, D316)
r19609 Tooltips for map, map filter, map size, civilization and population capacity ​(D505)

Structure Tree

r19120 Many tech tree bugs (#3993, #1646, #4263, #4217, #4108)
r19387 Resource trickle tooltip (D292, #4118)
r19410 Take civ bonuses into account ​(D154)
r19544 Aura range ​(D458)
r19600 Show upgrades (like the tower one) ​(D92, #4079)

Replay List

r19674 Cache list of replays (so it still loads quickly when having hundreds of replays) ​(D39)
r19650 Display filename when selecting replays ​(D495)

r19020 Grey out disabled buttons and options (#4350, r19023)


r19479 Use sliders for volume settings ​(D325, #4039, r19595)
r19507 Use slider for the FPS limit and limit FPS ingame too ​(D109)

Savegame Selection Screen

r19351 Sortable columns and a compatibility filter(#4406, D246)

Loading Screen

r19529 New quotes and sources for quotes ​(D296)


r19703 Hosting games without configuring the router (STUN) (D364, #2305)
r19606 Optionally display average rating in the gamelist (D125)
r19314 Late observers enabled by default
r19287 When selecting a player, select the game that player is in (D208)
r19619 Display full games by default (D218)
r19828 Allow rejoining games if the rating didn't load or changed meanwhile (#3686, D670)
r19205 Notify users that they can't register more than one account per hour (D87)
r19475 Add /help command
r19633 Remove broken spamfilter
r19801 Fix timestamps (#3832, D514)


r19250 Kicked/banned users and the other lobby players get a notification that this happened (D116)
r19514 Muted users and other players get a chat notification (D339)


r19433 Mark players as buddies and filter games that buddies play in (D209, r19736, D578)
r19666 Optionally assign only buddies or noone to unused playerslots (D546)
r19685 Late observers for buddies only option

Cinematic Paths

r19391 Atlas page and path drawing checkbox (D301)
r19394 Height indicator for paths (D306)
r19422 Cinema path creation from trigger scripts (D317)
r19427 List, add and delete cinematic paths in Atlas (D348)
r19483 Move path nodes with the mouse cursor (D369)


r18964 Resource types can be changed without touching the code (#3934, r18977)
r18916 Allow mods to mark directories as deleted (#2641)
r18985 Diminishing returns easier to modify (#4356) r19472 Resource descriptions (D199)


r19645 Simulate games from command line (#4577, D379)
r19302 Templates can be changed at load time using special templates (#2951, D215)
r19524 Installer in different languages (D314)

Out Of Sync Bugfixes

r19916 Pathfinder dirtiness updates (when changing the terrain after the game started, rising water) (#4596, D675)
r18942 Loading Templates with multiple parents (Temple Of Vesta #4316)
r19790 Initial map exploration outside of map boundaries (#4598, D630)
r19794 Petra AI function serialization / eval removal (D617)
r19375 Cinema Manager was broken in non-visual replay mode (#3814, D271)

Library Updates

r19848 Update all OSX libraries to the most recent release (#4362, D679, r19825)
r19895 Update enet, zlib, libpng and libxml2 on windows (#3004, D718)
r19608 Update Windows gloox library (#4564, D483)

Driver Bugs

r19877 Use OpenAL instead of WMI to detect the soundcard to fix recent NVIDIA drivers crashing (#4561, D636)

Performance Optimizations

r19026 Remove global message subscriptions of the Guard component (#4333)

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