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Alpha Release Roadmap

This list is a (currently WIP) list of what each department will/wish to implement for the Alpha release.

Art Department

  • "Must haves":
    • mostly fix animation speeds and action offsets in actor files
    • ingame GUI design (implementation by Programming Dept.)
  • "Wish-list":
    • A default map featuring the Celts
    • More/updated documentation
    • Mockup of GUI
      • adding in-game display of history for units/buildings
      • displaying history articles [lower priority]

Programming Department

  • "Must haves":
    • convert all entity data to new file format
    • fix animation syncing (almost done)
    • basic victory conditions
    • basic multiplayer
    • improved session setup UI
    • water/terrain impassability
    • floating ships
    • sound: fix lack of intensity's decrementing currently-playing count
    • fix saving of files in Atlas when installed in read-only paths
    • ingame GUI implementation (GUI design by Art Dept.)
  • "Wish-list":
    • UI: improved zoom (centered on mouse position, faster (exponential?)
    • sound: integrating patch that allows streaming Vorbis (Jan)
    • add support for running
    • tutorial on writing/modifying gameplay scripts
    • tools to detect errors in data files (references to nonexistent files etc)
    • sensible group movement
    • building terrain constraints (slope, land vs water vs shore)
    • update Actor Viewer to help test animation speeds and action offsets
    • better text rendering
    • better text/string storage solution for easier translating later? (gettext, etc)
    • have the game run on Mac
    • variable pathfinding costs on different terrain
    • basic enemy AI

Sound Department

"Must haves":


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