File Naming Conventions

All filenames should follow the naming conventions described below.

General Rules:

  • Write English. E.g. theater, not theatron or theatrum.
  • Only lowercase, no capital letters are allowed
  • Use underscores ( _ ) to separate portions of the file name, not spaces or hyphens
  • Avoid parentheses, brackets, braces, and other special characters

XML, JSON, PNG, PMD, PSA and DDS files should use these rules. For any file-formats not specially mentioned here, follow similar naming rules to fit the file type.

  • If using numbers always use two digits. Example: _01, not _1, nor _a
  • Use this order <general>_<civ>_<type>_<extra>_<variation>
  • If the folder path to the file already defines one portion of the name, exclude that from the file name.


  • – Meaning: Advanced Celtic Infantry Swordsman, Variation 01 Texture
  • kart_cc.pmd – Meaning: Carthaginian Civic Center Model


Skirmish and Scenarios

Maps should follow the conventions above. If you need to specify the number of players use map_name_np where n is the number of players. (e.g. two_seas_6p)


Random maps names follow the wiki:Coding_Conventions.

Civilization names

Abbreviation Meaning
athen athenians
brit britons
celt celts
gaul gauls
hele hellenes
iber iberians
kart / cart carthaginians
kush kushites
mace macedonians
pers persian
ptol ptolemies
rome romans
sele seleucid
spart spartans



Abbreviation Meaning
a advanced
b basic
e elite
c champion
r rider
h rider


Abbreviation Meaning
isw infantry swordsman
isp infantry spearman
ijv infantry javelinist
isl infantry slinger
iar infantry archer
csw cavalry sword
csp cavalry spear
cjv cavalry javelin
car cavalry archer
fem female worker
med healer
trd trader
sr siege rock thrower
sp siege spear/bolt thrower
sr siege ram
mer merchantman ship
bir bireme
tri trireme
qui quinquereme
su1 super unit 1
su2 super unit 2
su3 super unit 3
hr1 hero 1
hr2 hero 2
hr3 hero 3


Note: Some of the following are unused, as we recently prefered more explicit names over those.

Abbreviation Meaning
cc civilization center
ho house
fc farm center
fv farm vegetation
fa corral animal
rc resource center
tf free standing tower scout tower
wc wall
wg wall gate
wt wall tower
pc port center
mc military center
tc trade center
hc health center
ff fortress
sb special building


Abbreviation Meaning
ui User Interface
prop prop
wrld world


Note: Seasons are not yet supported.

Abbreviation Meaning
f fall
s summer
p spring
w winter
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