Polygon Count Limits

Pyrogenesis supports real time strategy games. RTS games have large numbers of entities on the screen at one time at a small scale. Due to this small scale, the total polygon limits are rather low compared to the average first person shooter.

Because the models in the game will be small on screen and because the poly counts must be kept low, anything smaller than a human hand should not be modeled but included in texturing.

The max number of triangles supported by Pyrogenesis per mesh file is 32768.

Anything model with an higher triangle count than this will crash the game. You can circumvent this by splitting one mesh into several meshes. However, there is no real reason why you would need to so.

This is a list of recommended max triangle counts for Modelers to take into account with making 3 dimensional models. They are not an absolute limit, but they should still be taken into account when adding new models. Of course if you need to add 50 more triangles, that won't be a problem, but you should try to keep the poly count as low as possible and below the max value anyway.

Type of object Max triangle count
Humanoid bodies 1000
Humanoid props 100
Building props 200
World props 200


Type of object Max triangle count
Small animal bodies 250
Medium animal bodies 500
Big animal bodies 1000


Type of object Max triangle count
Trees (per tree trunk with leaves) 1000
Bushes 500


Type of object Max triangle count
Small buildings 5 000
Medium buildings 10 000
Big buildings 15 000
Wonder 25 000
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