To compile 0 A.D.: Empires Ascendant from the source, you need two files:

Note: The .xz files are smaller but may require you to install XZ Utils.


See wiki:VerifyingYourDownloads


Extract the .xz version into the current directory:

$ tar xvJf 0ad-0.0.26-alpha-unix-build.tar.xz 
$ tar xvJf 0ad-0.0.26-alpha-unix-data.tar.xz

Or, if your tar is older than 1.22:

$ xz -cd 0ad-0.0.26-alpha-unix-build.tar.xz | tar xv
$ xz -cd 0ad-0.0.26-alpha-unix-data.tar.xz | tar xv

Or, if you downloaded the .gz version:

$ tar xvzf 0ad-0.0.26-alpha-unix-build.tar.gz
$ tar xvzf 0ad-0.0.26-alpha-unix-data.tar.gz


Follow the wiki:BuildInstructions using the files from these release archives instead of downloading from SVN or git.

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