This page will attempt to describe features of modern C++ standards (C++17, etc.) supported by the game. For information on building the game, see BuildInstructions.

Supported Compilers

0 A.D. is a cross platform game written primarily in C++ and JavaScript, and as such it has to support multiple compilers with different implemented features. Here are the currently supported compilers for the game:

  • GCC 7 or newer
  • Clang 6 or newer
    • Shipped with Xcode 9.3 on OS X, which is 10.13+ (which also has 10.1)
  • Visual Studio 2017

In general, all features up to and including C++17 are usable, except for:

  • C++17 std::filesystem is not supported on Apple Clang before the 10.15 SDK.
  • C++17 std::variant is not supported on Apple Clang before the 10.13 SDK.
  • C++17 std::any is not supported on Apple Clang before the 10.13 SDK.
  • C++17 std::shared_mutex is not supported on MSVC when built with the v141_xp toolset.

See the following links for details: MSVC / Clang / GCC

Known exceptions are the above features reported by Microsoft:

# Name Example
P1771R1 [[nodiscard]] for constructors
P0961R1 Relaxing the structured bindings customization point finding rules
P0969R0 Allowing structured bindings to accessible members
P0588R1 Simplifying implicit lambda capture
P1825R0 Merged wording for P0527R1 and P1155R3, more implicit moves
P0929R2 Checking for abstract class types
P0962R2 Relaxing the range-for loop customization point finding rules
P0859R0 CWG 1581: When are constexpr member functions defined
P1009R2 Array size deduction in new-expressions
P1286R2 Contra CWG DR1778

There are nice features and should not be a concern in general. Note though that [[nodiscard]] cannot be used on constructors.

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