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0 A.D. Design Document

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0 A.D. - The Vision

Background: Seasons

Background: Territories

Background: Weather

Civ: Carthaginians

Civ: Celts (gauls, Britons)

Civ: Hellenes (Poleis, Macedonian)

Civ: Iberians

Civ: Persians

Civ: Romans (pre-imperial)

List: Entities: Nature: Fauna

List: Entities: Nature: Fauna: Cosmetic

List: Entities: Nature: Fauna: Herd

List: Entities: Nature: Fauna: Hunt

List: Entities: Nature: Flora

List: Entities: Nature: Flora: Plants

List: Entities: Nature: Flora: Trees

List: Entities: Nature: Geological

List: Entities: Nature: Geological: Minerals

List: Entities: Nature: Geological: Other

List: Entities: Nature: Special

List: Entities: Player: Structures

List: Entities: Player: Units 1 of 5 (Infantry)

List: Entities: Player: Units 2 of 5 (Cavalry)

List: Entities: Player: Units 3 of 5 (Support)

List: Entities: Player: Units 4 of 5 (Siege)

List: Entities: Player: Units 5 of 5 (Ships)

List: Maps: Intro

List: Maps: Polar

List: Maps: Tropic

List: Maps: Types: Alpine

List: Maps: Types: Desert

List: Maps: Types: Mediterranean

List: Maps: Types: Savanna

List: Maps: Types: Semi-Arid

List: Maps: Types: Special

List: Maps: Types: Steppe

List: Maps: Types: Temperate

XML: Cliff

XML: Formation

XML: Terrain

XML: Water