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0 A.D. Design Document

0 A.D. Online Design Document v 2.1

Licensing and Disclaimer

All info in this document is licensed as CC-by-sa.

The info contained in this Design Document is released as-is. It represents the current plan for 0 A.D. but the final game might not be exactly as described here due to for example issues found when balancing the game or features cut to make it possible to release the game in a reasonable time. The sections from List: Entities: Player: Structures to the end are not yet formatted for the Wiki as the Design Document previously was forum based and only recently was moved to the Trac wiki. Also, no images are yet included.

0 A.D. - The Vision

Background: Seasons

Background: Territories

Background: Weather

Civ: Carthaginians

Civ: Celts (gauls, Britons)

Civ: Hellenes (Poleis, Macedonian)

Civ: Iberians

Civ: Persians

Civ: Romans (pre-imperial)

List: Entities: Nature: Fauna

List: Entities: Nature: Fauna: Cosmetic

List: Entities: Nature: Fauna: Herd

List: Entities: Nature: Fauna: Hunt

List: Entities: Nature: Flora

List: Entities: Nature: Flora: Plants

List: Entities: Nature: Flora: Trees

List: Entities: Nature: Geological

List: Entities: Nature: Geological: Minerals

List: Entities: Nature: Geological: Other

List: Entities: Nature: Special

List: Entities: Player: Structures

List: Entities: Player: Units 1 of 5 (Infantry)

List: Entities: Player: Units 2 of 5 (Cavalry)

List: Entities: Player: Units 3 of 5 (Support)

List: Entities: Player: Units 4 of 5 (Siege)

List: Entities: Player: Units 5 of 5 (Ships)

List: Maps: Intro

List: Maps: Polar

List: Maps: Tropic

List: Maps: Types: Alpine

List: Maps: Types: Desert

List: Maps: Types: Mediterranean

List: Maps: Types: Savanna

List: Maps: Types: Semi-Arid

List: Maps: Types: Special

List: Maps: Types: Steppe

List: Maps: Types: Temperate

XML: Cliff

XML: Formation

XML: Terrain

XML: Water