This documentation is aimed at anyone who is interested in editing the GUI of the Pyrogenesis Engine, whether in-house scripters or maybe, down the road, modders. The documentation will explain things like how to make XML files, how to manipulate the GUI from Javascript and what all those object properties actually do.


The documentation is broken down into sub-pages:

  • XML Files
    The GUI is created in XML files ... here is a quick guide.
  • Properties
    Read about the object properties and what they do. It is also recommended to visit the page for the type of object you're using; there might be examples and notes about property usage.
    • Data Types
      All properties have specific data types, such as string, integer or float.
  • Custom Objects
    Custom objects are building blocks of the real GUI objects, such as scrollbars, icons and tooltips.
  • Actions
    A perfect example of an action is when a button is pressed, and Javascript is executed.
  • Styles - Updated
    Styles are templates with properties. Instead of manually giving ten objects the same values, you can just create a style and use it on those objects.
  • Sprites - Updated
    In the GUI, what is regarded a sprite is not just an image, it is a collage of sometimes a multitude of images, with different placements relative to the host object. As with many parts of the GUI, master this and you will find the GUI quite powerful.
  • Text Renderer
    There are a number of ways you can change the format of the text you're typing, including nesting images and icons, by inserting tags similar to those of HTML. This text rendering system is generic in the GUI so it's worth taking a peek at.
  • GUI Javascript Functions
    Learn how to manipulate the GUI with Javascript.


The object types of the GUI. Active types are available for use (though they may not necessarily be fully featured yet). Unavailable types have not started development or are not yet in a state where they can be considered usable.



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