Where to contribute

There are a lot of possibilities for contributions, and all help is very much welcomed! The main areas for contributions are as follows:

  • Programming
    • Engine development (mainly C++)
    • Gameplay / UI development (mainly done in JavaScript, using the engine as the basis)
    • AI development (also mainly in JS)
  • Art (ranges from 2D icons, textures to 3D models)
  • Map development
  • Testing
  • Writing documentation
  • Translation
  • Modding

How to contribute

In general, it is a good idea to either join us on the forums and/or on #0ad-dev on QuakeNet IRC.


If you want to help with programming, a good first step is joining the IRC-channel #0ad-dev on QuakeNet IRC. Usually there are some developers in IRC who can help you get started. Next, most development work (code review) is done on Phabricator. One can look around here to see what things are currently in the process of being added to the game. For further information, check out GettingStartedProgrammers.


Most of the communication around art is done on the art forums, and one should probably start there.

General information about contributing

Overview on the main web site and on the wiki, with links to lots of background information. The Design Document - This is the main overview design document for the game. It should give you a good insight to the game workings and big-picture, but might be slightly out of date. 0 A.D. Modding Guide - overview of modifying the game. What tools you need, where the files are located, etc.

Forums and Community

Development & Technical Discussion for developer discussions. (See also new forum posts since your last visit, if you check frequently. You can also filter the forums to only include development forums if you want to just get the relevant posts without having to skim over off-topic posts and similar.)

#0ad-dev on QuakeNet IRC for developer discussions.

Art Department


Art Department Design Document


Nvidia DDS Texture Tools

Essential Assets

Human Template (RAR'd PSD)

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