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General game information

Overview on the main web site, with links to lots of background information.

The Design Document - This is the main over-view design document for the game. It should give you a good insight to the game workings and big-picture.

Forums and Community

Open Source and Academic forum for developer discussions about the open source release. (See also new forum posts since your last visit, if you check frequently.)

#wfg on QuakeNet IRC for developer discussions.

Programmer information

How to build 0 A.D.

How to submit patches

CppDoc documentation can be generated from the source code by running build/docs/builddoc.bat and then reading docs/generated/index.html

Trac tickets listing various bugs and tasks.

Running the Game

For Windows Users: To run the game, you have one of two choices:

  • Run the game by double clicking the pyrogenesis.exe file in the /binaries/system folder
  • Build and run the program from within the Visual Studio IDE

To change the resolution of the game: or to switch the game between full-screen / windowed mode, you have to modify the system.cfg file, in the following manner:

  • Change windowed=false to windowed=true
  • Uncomment (remove the ';') from the following lines:
;xres = 1024

;yres = 768
  • You can change the numbers to whatever pixel size is desired. Note that 1024x768 or larger is recommended because that's the minimum size required by the GUI; you might otherwise run into layout or scaling issues

For more info on how to actually play the game see the Playing 0 A.D. guide

Art Department


Art Department Design Document


Nvidia DDS Texture Tools

Essential Assets

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