Planned graphics features

Feature ARB1 GLSL2 Fixed function3 GLES 2.04 Notes
Model Rendering
Basic done done done done
Specular map planned done n/a WIP
Self-lighting planned done n/a WIP
AO map planned done n/a Ambient occlusion; WIP
Normal map planned done n/a WIP
Parallax planned done n/a WIP
Water planned done ? Animated water texture as part of model; WIP
Waterfall planned done n/a WIP
Windy trees planned done n/a Trees that sway in the wind; WIP
Terrain Rendering
Basic done done done done
Specular map planned done n/a WIP
Normal map planned done n/a WIP
Decals done done done
Water Rendering
Basic done done done
Fancy planned done n/a Reflections, refraction, waves: WIP
Super fancy planned planned n/a Shadows on surface; coastal foam; realistic coloring, depth and waves: #1572 #932
Bloom planned done n/a WIP
Depth of field planned done n/a WIP
Distance fog planned done n/a WIP: #276
Fake HDR planned done n/a Brightness, contrast, saturation. WIP
GL cursors done done done WIP
Minimap done done done WIP
Overlays done planned done WIP
Particles done done n/a
Shadows done done n/a
Smooth LOS planned done n/a WIP
  1. ARB: assembly-like shading language, more widely supported than GLSL (esp. on older hardware)
  2. GLSL: OpenGL Shading Language. Higher level, C-like language. Requires OpenGL 2.0 or newer.
  3. Fixed function - pre-shader OpenGL API, now deprecated in favor of shaders. In 0 A.D., the fixed function pipeline will always be very basic compared to the shader rendering, and it may eventually be removed entirely. See discussion here.
  4. OpenGL ES 2.0 - subset of OpenGL API for embedded systems, like smartphones and tablets. Very experimental, likely broken support is available in 0 A.D. by compiling with the --gles flag. Used by AndroidPort.
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