How to install the latest version on other OSes

Warning: The game is currently under heavy development, and many features are currently missing. This release is an alpha version, not a completed playable game - please check our site and forums for future updates!

0 A.D. is mostly intended to work with WindowsLinux, and OS X, but it has been confirmed to work on other operating systems. Please report any problems in our Bug reports forum here.

DragonFly? BSD

0 A.D. is available in DPorts.

cd /usr/dports/games/0ad
make install clean


0 A.D. is available as a port for FreeBSD. After updating your ports collection, do the following to build and install 0 A.D and its dependencies:

cd /usr/ports/games/0ad
make install clean

You might also be able to use a graphical utility like package manager for GNOME, searching for 0 A.D. under Games.


0 A.D. is in the ports tree and also available as a package.

pkg_add 0ad


0 A.D. is available as a PBI (x64) or PBI (i386) for PC-BSD 9. The easiest way to install is opening AppCafe and searching for "0ad" or browsing under Games.

You can also install it from the command line with pbi_add:

pbi_add -r 0ad

Compiling on Unix-likes

0 A.D. should compile on most recent Linux distributions and it has been known to work on some BSD variants as well. Follow the instructions on LatestReleaseLinux and BuildInstructions.

How to get info on new releases

There are several ways to be notified when a new release is out, as well as getting notified on other updates, either by subscribing to the email mail list, following 0 A.D. on Twitter, Facebook, or Google+, or by using the RSS feed.

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