These objects are not consumable as resources and serve the purpose of eye-candy integral to the terrain of the map world. They sometimes define zones on the terrain.

Other Rock Objects

Mountain Peaks

Note: Mountain Peaks are normally scripted to be placed atop either Midlands or Highlands ‘peaks’ (unless otherwise specified) where they provide for ‘eye candy’ on the map. They cannot be traversed, prohibiting passage to units. Therefore, no trees/forests that appear on mountain peaks can be harvested for Wood.



  • Availability: On any map except game types Migration and Emigration.
  • Variants: (1 per map biome category.)
    • Alpine.
    • Temperate.
    • Steppe.
    • Mediterranean.
    • Savanna.
    • Desert.
    • Semi-Arid.
    • Polar.
    • Tropic.
  • Footprint: 5x5.
  • Remarks:
    • Graphically represented by a 'water hole' surrounded by a few objects and plants to define its limits.
    • Is a Special Utility Object in that as a gaia object it can be 'taken over' and and built over to erect a Civ Centre on the site, and while the Civ Centre may itself be destroyed on that site, another may be yet built atop the Settlement, ad infinitum.
    • One Settlement is scripted to each Province area within the Civ Territory of every Civ player on a map, except within the Province housing the starting Civ Centre.
    • Settlement underlying Civ Centre remains a gaia object, thus 'ownership' by civ players may change in accordance with the rules for capture, destruction, rebuild/repair, during the course of a game session (does not apply to Migration and Emigration game maps as no Settlement underlies a Civ Centre which may be built anywhere consistent to terrain restriction imposed upon structures).
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