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    44== 1. MAP SIZES ==
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    58[[BR]]Diagram of Compared Map Sizes (Michael Hafer)[[BR]][[BR]]Terrain maps come in the following four sizes. The following numbers are based upon "tiles" as in AoK, but will ultimately use own system of scale once it is established. The important thing to note is that the players are receiving roughly the same area of real-estate as the map size increases. Again, the numbers are arbitrary and used for demonstration.[[BR]][[BR]]'''* ''Small''''' 144*144 tiles for a total of 20,736 tiles or 10,368 tiles per player (2).[[BR]]'''* ''Medium''''' 176*176 tiles for a total of 30,976 tiles or 10,325 tiles per player (3). [[BR]]'''''* Large''''' 208*208 tiles for a total of 43,264 tiles or 10,816 tiles per player (4). [[BR]]'''*'' Huge''''' 272*272 tiles for a total of 73,984 tiles or 12,331 tiles per player (6).[[BR]][[BR]]Here are the design interests on map size:[[BR]][[BR]]'''* ''Small''''' (normally a 2-player map): 2-6 Settlements.[[BR]]'''* ''Medium''''' (normally a 3-player map): 2-9 Settlements.[[BR]]'''''* Large''''' (normally a 4-player map): 2-12 Settlements.[[BR]]'''*'' Huge''''' (normally a 6-player map): 2-18 Settlements.[[BR]][[BR]]Note that the size of the map does not limit the number of players. 2-6 players can play on any map size. [[BR]][[BR]]With exception to ''Emigration'' and ''Nomadic'' game types, each map is required to have a minimum of one ''Settlement'' on the map in addition to a starting Civ Centre. Emigration game begins with only a single Civ Centre for each player. Nomadic game type maps have ''no'' starting Civ Centre). That is the base minimum (unless it is a custom scenario with a tactical objective). The host may then in his settings decide how many empty settlements he wants on the map (0-2 when the maximum number of people are playing the map). However, less players could potentially = more vacant settlements.[[BR]][[BR]]