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GUI Overview

Basic gameplay overview - Alpha XXIV

1. Ribbon


Resources (top) - Alpha XXIV
From left to right: Food, Wood, Stone, and Metal.

Faction icon

Faction (top) - Alpha XXIV
The Athenian shield.

Each civilization has a corresponding shield, which appears in the middle of the ribbon when you play as that civilization.

IG Menu button (top) - Alpha XXIV
Click to open the in-game menu

2. Game View

Displays the part of the in-game world that you're currently looking at and interacting with. It's here most of the actual game is played.

3. Bottom area

The bottom area is where you get an overview of the game world, information on the current object, and can interact with the currently selected object.


Minimap (bottom) - Alpha XXIV
The minimap is a small-scale representation of the in-game world.

Dots are used to represent units, buildings, and other in-game objects. Your units are displayed as dots in your player colour, the enemy units in their colours. Water is blue, and ground is a shade of green/grey etc depending on the ground texture.

View rectangle

The reddish rectangle displays what area of the map the "camera" is currently looking at, in other words: what area of the in-game world is currently displayed in the middle area.

The black area

The black represents the area you have yet to explore and that is covered by Shroud-of-Darkness.

The dimmed area

The dimmed area represents the area covered by Fog-of-War.

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