Part of the 0 A.D. Gameplay Manual

Overview of the main menu

  • Learn To Play: A brief, in-game document describing the basics for how to set up and play a game.
  • Single Player: Click this button to set up a Single Player game against one or more computer opponents (for now it's recommended to choose a small number of AI opponents as AIs are one of the main causes for a slow and laggy game).
    • Matches: A single match against one or more computer opponents.
    • Campaigns: (Currently not available)
  • Multiplayer: Click this to setup/join a multiplayer game against human/computer opponents.
    • Join Game: Join a game hosted by someone else.
    • Host Game: Host a game that others can connect to.
  • Tools & Options: Click this to set options and start the Atlas Scenario Editor.
    • Options: (Currently not available)
    • Scenario Editor: Closes the game and starts the Atlas Scenario Editor.
  • History: History info about the games civilizations.
  • Exit: Shuts down the application.

Version Name and Info

  • Version Name: At the top of this box is the name of the current version of the game, that is useful for making sure you and your opponents use the same version of the game and when reporting errors (for non-release versions see also the build number at the bottom of the menu).
  • Website: Opens up the 0 A.D. website in your default web browser.
  • IRC: Click to got to the web chat for the 0 A.D. IRC channel on quakenet in your default web browser, here you can discuss the game as well as find people to play against.

Anonymous Feedback

When you haven't enabled it, it looks like above but without the textbox area and the "Disable feedback" button reads enable feedback.

As of Alpha 4 0 A.D. includes anonymous, opt-in (i.e. you have to make a choice to allow it) feedback. To get more info click the Technical details button in the game, but in short it's technical information about your CPU, graphics card, drivers etc to help the development by letting us know which hardware we should focus on supporting and other things. We'll publish lists of the information here: but the optional message (and perhaps other data) will not be published publicly, and it will never be linked to a specific user.

  • Enable feedback: Click to turn on the automatic, anonymous feedback (can be turned off at any time)
  • Technical details: Displays info on what data the game collects as well as what we do with it etc
  • Disable feedback: Click to turn off the feedback (can be turned back again any time you want)
  • Send Message: If you want to you can send a message to the developers (will not be published publicly)
  • Status: Displays whether or not the information was actually sent to our server.
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