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Part of the 0 A.D. Gameplay Manual

Other features

This guide covers features which don't fit into the Basic Gameplay document and indended to supplement it.


In the market you can exchange one resource for another.

Basic price of each resource is the same (e.g. basically you can change food to the same amount of wood, stone or metal). But there is constant fees and dynamic prices:

  • constant fee apply to any deal, you 'pay' 10% more for the resource which you 'buy' and you get 10% less for the resource you 'sell';

Example: you barter 100 food for wood, without any fees you should get 100 wood, but with constant fee your 100 food cost as 90, and wood cost for you 110, so you will get 90 / 110 = 0.82 wood for each unit of food, or 82 wood in our example (this is what you see on the screenshot above).

  • dynamic price of any resource initially equal to it’s basic price, it grow when the resource is bought and sink when the resource is sold; it slowly restores to the initial value with time;

Prices are global, i.e. all players have the same prices and a deal of any player affect all other players as well.

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