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     1== Introduction ==
     3This page aims to describe the publishing process for mods to be available in the in 0 A.D game mod downloader.
     5If you want your mod to be available there, you need to follow these steps.
     7== Steps ==
     101. Prepare your mod as explained in the [wiki:Modding_Guide Modding Guide]. You should end up with a .zip file. If you created a `.pyromod` file, copy it and rename the copy to `` so it can be uploaded on
     122. Sign up or login on []. Go to Mods > Add Mod, and specify 0 A.D. in the field Game. Add all the information you want to make available for visitors. Complete the submission steps until your mod is shown as waiting for moderator approval.
     143. When you are ready, send a PM to [ Itms] on the forums, or an email. He will get the mod from, test it and take a look at its code. When I have checked the mod is not dangerous, He will sign the file. He will answer the PM/email with the signature. I can also report bugs in the mod, and mistakes you may have made when uploading the file on
     164. He will put the signature in the metadata of the file on, then make the mod live. Right after this is done, your mod will appear in the mod downloader!
     18**Important Notice:** Wildfire Games signs mods in order to mitigate the attacks that can be conducted against file repositories and the clients that download from them. Signing a file does not imply that the mod is official, nor that Wildfire Games participated in its creation in any way. It does not mean that it is exempt of bugs or oversights either. The only guarantee signing brings is that the file you are downloading is exactly the one that the signatory tested.
     20== Common Mistakes ==
     22- name/label confusion in mod.json - for instance
     23  - `"name"` should be a lowercase identifier, it usually matches the URL of your mod on for instance "ja-lang"
     24  - `"label"` is a human-readable name, it usually matches the title of the mod on for instance "Japanese Language Pack"
     25- top-level extra directory. Your zip should contain directly mod.json and the rest of the files, it should not contain a sub-directory with the files. The best way to avoid the issue is to use the archive builder. In order to test whether you made the mistake, try opening the mod with 0 A.D. If you land on the mod selection page and your mod was added to the list (appearing in green), things are good.