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    151151You may want to publish your mod on the [ platform]. If you do so, your mod will be available in the 0 A.D. mod downloader. To avoid security issues, we take some extra validation steps: follow [ the guide on the forums].
    153 == Legal notice: Because 0AD's code is written under GPL 2 license mods must be under the GPL 2 license and above or otherwise if the code is licensed differently ==
     153== Licensing ==
     155The code of 0 A.D's is licensed under GPL v2 or a later version.
     157So mods that modify this code must be licensed under a GPL v2+ compatible license.
     159While it is situational whether newly added files count as a modification of the code of 0 A.D.,
     160if a mod copies and modifies a file of that code, it certainly is affected by the GPL.
     162Have a quick look at our [ LICENSE.txt] file for example.
     163Add a custom `LICENSE.txt` to your mod folder to explain the licensing when redistributing the mod and list all copyright holders whose work you have reused.
     165If you reuse or modify our art files, notice most them are licensed under a Creative Commons license and not GPL.
     166If you distribute copies or modifications of other peoples art files, make sure you have permission to do so and mention the terms of the permission in the license file.
     167This allows other people to determine whether and how they can reuse and modify these files of your mod.
    155169== Tutorials ==