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    162162Always work as a team and your win rate will increase.
     164==== How to react against a double rush? ====
     166Imagine you are playing a 2v2, you are still on phase 1 and at 8min you have two enemies in your city, what do you do?
     168Firstly you need to evaluate the forces of your enemies; is it going to be enough to destroy your CC? If yes, you need to call for help, in a 2v2, the one under attack should be the one making the calls (because he is the one how knows if he can defend or not, not your ally). While your ally is coming to help you, try to win as much time as you can, repair your CC, garrison some troops, make the enemy follows your villagers etc…
     170If you know that you can defend your CC (Even if you lose your army): Tell your ally to counter attack directly in the enemy base! On phase 1, if you lose your CC, you cannot rebuilt it so the most important thing is to know if yes or no your CC will go down.
    164172== Example of Build orders ==
    165173* Sword cavalry Rush [ in the forum] (or [ direct link to the video]).