Technology Modifications

Technologies can modify the stats and properties of game entities, using the modifications list of a given technology template. The modifications have unique names of the form "Component/Element/Subelement", where "Component" is the exact name of a simulation component and "Element/Subelement" come from that component's entity schema.

For example to modify a unit's melee hack attack, you would use "Attack/Melee/Damage/Hack" as the modification value. Note: In order for this to work, the component scripts must be updated to support each possible value. The following table lists the planned and currently supported modifications.

Current Modifications

Tech Modification Status Notes
Attack/{Attack Type}/Bonuses/{Bonus Name}/Multiplier Done Add a new or Alter an existing bonus to the melee attack of the entity.
Attack/{Attack Type}/ElevationBonus Done
Attack/{Attack Type}/MaxRange Done
Attack/{Attack Type}/MinRange Done
Attack/{Attack Type}/PrepareTime Done
Attack/{Attack Type}/RepeatTime Done
Attack/{Attack Type}/Splash/Range Done
Attack/{Attack Type}/Splash/Damage/{DamageType} Done Where {Damage Type} is "Crush", "Hack" or "Pierce"
Attack/Ranged/Spread Done
AutoBuildable/Rate Done
BuildRestrictions/Distance/MaxDistance Done
BuildRestrictions/Distance/MinDistance Done
BuildRestrictions/Territory Done Change the territories (own, neutral, ally, enemy) where a building can be constructed.
Builder/Entities/_string Done
Builder/Rate Done
BuildingAI/DefaultArrowCount Done Increase the number of default arrows fired by this structure.
BuildingAI/GarrisonArrowMultiplier Done Increase the number of arrows per garrisoned soldier.
BuildingAI/MaxArrowCount Done
Capturable/CapturePoints Done
Capturable/GarrisonRegenRate Done
Capturable/RegenRate Done
Cost/BuildTime Done
Cost/PopulationBonus Done Increase the pop cap bonus this building gives.
Cost/Population Done
Cost/Resources/{Resource Type} Done
DeathDamage/Range Done Where {Damage Type} is "Crush", "Hack" or "Pierce"
GarrisonHolder/BuffHeal Done Increase or decrease the garrisoned healing rate of a structure.
GarrisonHolder/Max Done
GarrisonHolder/List/_string Done Add or remove classes of units capable of garrisoning in this structure.
Heal/Health Done
Heal/Interval Done
Heal/Range Done
Health/IdleRegenRate Done
Health/Max Done
Health/RegenRate Done
Loot/{Resource Type} Done
Loot/Resource/{Resource Type} Done Notice you can only affect them via tech, as the looter component has no schema.
Looter/xp Done
Market/InternationalBonus Done
Pack/Time Done
Player/BarterMultiplier/Buy/{Resource Type} Done
Player/BarterMultiplier/Sell/{Resource Type} Done
Player/MaxPopulation Done
Player/SpyCostMultiplier Done
ProductionQueue/BatchTimeModifier Done Used to modify the batch time bonus.
ProductionQueue/Entities/_string Done
ProductionQueue/Technologies/_string Done
ProductionQueue/TechCostMultiplier/{Resource Type} Done Used to modify the technology cost.
Promotion/RequiredXp Done Increase or decrease amount of XP needed to promote to next rank.
Promotion/TrickleRate Done Trickle of XP gained each second.
Resistance/{Foundation|Entity}/Capture Done Add this value to all Resistance types of that form.
Resistance/{Foundation|Entity}/Damage/{Damage Type} Done
ResourceDropsite/Types Done
ResourceGatherer/BaseSpeed Done Affects all gathering rates within one value. Default is 1.0
ResourceGatherer/Capacities/{Resource Type} Done
ResourceGatherer/Rates/{Resource Type} Done
ResourceSupply/DiminishingReturns Done
ResourceTrickle/Interval Done
ResourceTrickle/Rates/{Resource Type} Done
TerritoryDecay/DecayRate Done Reduce or Increase building decay.
TerritoryInfluence/Radius Done Increase the territory effect of this class of structure.
Trader/GainMultiplier Done Increase the profitability of a trading mission.
Trader/GarrisonGainMultiplier Done
UnitMotion/RunMultiplier Done
UnitMotion/WalkSpeed Done
Upgrade/Cost/{Resource Type} Done
Upgrade/Time Done
Vision/Range Done
VisionSharing/Duration Done
VisualActor/Actor Done
VisualActor/FoundationActor Done Could change the look of an object as a side effects of a technology.

Planned Modifications

Tech Modification Notes
Attack/{Attack Type}/All Add this value to all the Damage types of that attack.
Formations/tokensAdd formations for these units. May need a formation system overhaul, because right now the formations aren't really controlled in the entity templates.
Loot/Trader/{Resource Type} Affect the trader resource recuperation. Currently 100% is taken
ResourceSupply/AmountChange the supply of a resource, like farms or mines. Imagine a mining tech that "gives new life" to "exhausted" mines by increasing their amount of Metal or Stone.
TerritoryInfluence/Root True or False.
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