This page summarizes the current status of Wildfire Games regarding user data protection.

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Wildfire Games online services

  • Multiplayer Lobby: This service allows players to setup online multiplayer matches, discuss the game in a public chat room and gain a rating that reflects their skill.
    The minimum age to use the Multiplayer Lobby is 13.
    Terms of Service
    Terms of Use
    Privacy Policy
  • Hardware Report: The UserReporter allows players to automatically upload hardware- and software-system details in order to help Wildfire Games and community developers to improve the performance and compatibility of 0 A.D.
    See the Terms and Conditions should demonstrate how the data is used.
  • Trac: trac is a bug and feature tracker used for software development.
  • Phabricator: Phabricator is a contribution review platform used for software development.

The credits seen in the game are stored here and include names of authors, developers and donators where the author consented or to document licensing

GDPR User Rights

The GDPR grants users new rights. See Article 13 and referenced articles for the rights. These include the right to be informed of personal data processing, the right to access to personal data, the right to portable data, the right to object to processing, the right to restrict processing, the right to rectify personal data and the right to erasure. Notice that these rights depend on the circumstances of the individual, that excessive or manifestly unfounded requests may be disregarded, see Article 12, and that Wildfire Games may have overriding legitimate interest in some cases to not erase personal data (for example bugreports or licensing information).

Contents and purpose of your data

Please note that the server knows your IP address and will store it in logs. We may use these logs to identify abuse and store your address in blacklists to prevent it. However, unless the IP is cited in the listings below, we do not associate the IP with your account.

Except for the user reports, your data is associated to a username that you choose. We collect:

  • Forums:
    • The content you write and upload.
    • Your email address - to verify your account, reset your password, and receiving content updates of your choice.
    • The history of your different IP addresses and User-Agents - for security purposes.
    • Optional: Your birthday, contact methods, gender, location, interests, and/or real name - for customizing your profile.
  • Trac:
    • The content you write and upload.
    • Your email address - to verify your account, reset your password, and receiving updates about the tickets you interacted with.
  • Phabricator:
    • The content you write and upload.
    • Your email address - to verify your account, reset your password, and receiving the kind updates you subscribed to.
  • IRC logs:
    • The messages you send.
    • Your ISP and IP might appear along with your username in connect/disconnect messages. Set up your IRC client if you want to control that.
  • Code repository:
    • Nothing, unless you choose to include in your patch a modification that adds your name to the game credits.

Access to your data

We will provide access to all your data, either in a straightforward way, either upon request at the contact email address. We apologize in advance for the cases where the request is long to process.

  • Forums: Your content can be found on your profile: go to your profile and click "See their activity". Contact us for the rest.
  • Trac: Your content can be found using a query. Contact us to know what email address we have.
  • Phabricator: Your content can be found using the feed, clicking Edit Query and providing your username. Contact us to know what email address we have.
  • Code repository: Since you don't necessarily commit yourself everything that you write, we suggest using the Trac search, using your username as query, and filtering Revisions.

Data portability

The data you stored on our services should be portable and movable to other services.

  • Lobby and User reports: The database content we can extract should be re-importable in an alternative lobby/user-report server, especially if the other server uses the same (open-source) code as the official one.
  • Forums: Your profile information will be handed as an easy-to-parse XML file. Contact us if you want to copy content elsewhere; if "elsewhere" is another instance of IPB, which is the software powering our forums, their support might be able to help you with migrating content.
  • Trac and Phabricator: Copying your email address is just creating an account on the new instance. Contact us if you want to copy content elsewhere.
  • Code repository: You are free to mirror the repository anywhere.

Data breaches

We always disclose data breaches on our servers, so that users can change their credentials. They will continue being reported and linked here, in under 72 hours after we discover them.

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