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animal DPS balance

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This is the second part of #3778.

Having a closer look at gaia animals' attack, there are many strange things to observe. E.g. a wolf nearly has triple the DPS2 of a lioness. Lions are also pwned by boars, the crocodile gets smashed by a wolf and even the big rhino doesn't do more damage than wolves.

animal hack pierce crush RT1 DPS2
lioness 15 2 7.5
lion 20 2 10
boar 12 1 12
crocodile 30 2 15
wolf 10 10 1 20
snow wolf 10 10 1 20
bear 20 20 2 20
rhinoceros 20 20 2 20
tiger 30 20 2 25
walrus 15 10 1 25
North African elephant 20 20 1 40
Asian elephant 22 10 18 1 50
African bush elephant 25 10 20 1 55

Below is a first proposal how to adjust the values. If there are no complaints, I will create a patch based on that. I rounded all values to multiples of 5 and assumed that hack attack corresponds to paws and pierce attack to teeth or horns. Crush attack is added for very large animals. I assume the repeat time is roughly adjusted to the animation but I will still check for possible changes there. Note that the average DPS of all animals nearly remains the same (from 24.6 to 24.2).

animal hack pierce crush RT1 DPS2
boar 10 1 10
wolf 5 5 1 10
snow wolf 5 5 1 10
bear 20 10 2 15
lioness 20 10 2 15
lion 20 10 2 15
tiger 25 15 2 20
crocodile 20 20 2 20
walrus 10 10 1 20
rhinoceros 30 20 10 2 30
North African elephant 20 10 10 1 40
Asian elephant 25 10 15 1 50
African bush elephant 30 10 20 1 60

1 repeat time 2 damage per second = (hack attack + pierce attack + crush attack) / repeat time

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comment:1 by Palaxin, 5 years ago

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comment:2 by Palaxin, 5 years ago

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comment:3 by sanderd17, 5 years ago

What we mainly lack is some cleverness in the animal AI. About every animal would flee for an army of men, and never attack it. But many would attack a single person.

The threshold is different for every animal species though, and some animals also prefer to attack in group.

Some animals also chase (like lions), while others just want to get rid of you (like a rhino won't keep chasing you), or are too lazy to chase (a crocodile only attacks once).

When that gets implemented, animals can be a bit more realistic, and be very annoying for scouting, but not interfere a lot when the game reaches the main combat phase. And making the first part of the game more interesting is still wanted I guess.

comment:4 by Palaxin, 5 years ago

I agree, but what if we just corrected the values as a first step? I mean even very similar animals like lion and tiger have DPS values separated by factor 3, this is ridiculous. I could try to improve the animal AI in the future but I think it's no easy task for me.

Yes the early game could and should be made MUCH more interesting...

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comment:5 by Palaxin, 5 years ago

I discussed with sanderd17 to continue balance after animal AI has improved.

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