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    2222===== latest GIT version [26913]
    2323[[Image(rP26913_openGL.gif, 600px, center)]]
     27==== related
     28Investigation with elexis
     31[19:53:05] elexis only the environment.js affects that map
     32[19:53:22] elexis so it might be that the angle of the light now hits in such a way that makes it more obvious
     34[19:57:15] elexis the SunRotation line
     35[19:57:19] elexis that might have triggered it
     36[19:57:31] elexis elevation too I guess
     38[20:14:10] Langbart Taking the existing values and simply lowering "SunElevation"  to 0.7 fixes the issue (mostly)
     40[20:15:24] Langbart as soon as you move the camera ...
     41[20:15:31] Langbart it itches a little bit, definitely noticeable
     42[20:15:52] elexis but thats not the root cause of the bug
     43[20:15:57] elexis the bug is the root cause of the bug
     44[20:16:02] elexis for any bug
     45[20:16:17] elexis it shouldnt matter how the angle is, so thats not a fix, thats just hiding the bug
     46[20:16:42] elexis the bug must either be a wrong texture, model, or shader
     48[20:33:31] Langbart I used those values that were introduced with 25562 for SunElevation, SunRotation and SunColor ... the problem could be reproduced with Alpha XXII, but as extremely visible with Alpha XXV
     49[20:34:44] elexis it sounds like a shader/material thing
     52If you use the values before [25562] from the [$7 environment.js] file, the problem becomes less obvious (it hides the problem). See the image below for more clarity.
     53[[Image(hide_my_Problem.jpg, 600px, center)]]