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FCollada assertion fails on elephant_african_forest.dae

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Priority: Must Have Milestone: Alpha 11
Component: Art & Animation Keywords: blender
Cc: Zaggy1024, ricotz Patch:


Must use a debug build to reproduce this, at least on Windows.

FCollada\FUtils\FUTracker.cpp fails an assertion in AddTracker():43, where it checks that a tracker being added is unique. What this means is there are duplicate joint ids somewhere in elephant_african_forest.dae, in this case the first one encountered is "shin_right".

If you view line 25090 of the DAE:

     <Name_array id="Elephant_North_African_Forest-Pivot-
          skin-joints-array" count="57">tail_1_joint tail_2_joint tail_3_joint
           Elephant body_1 body_2 butt leg_right trunk_2 shin_right shin_right
           foot_right leg_left shin_left shin_left foot_left trunk_3 trunk_4
           shoulder_left arm_left forearm_left hand_left shoulder_right 
          arm_right forearm_right hand_right neck head ear_left ear_right 
          trunk_1 trunk_8 trunk_9 trunk_10 trunk_11 head_trunk_joint 
          arm_right_joint_back arm_right_joint_front arm_left_joint_front 
          arm_left_joint_back leg_left_joint leg_right_joint belly Bone_002 
          Bone_001 tail_4 trunk_1_joint trunk_2_joint trunk_3_joint 
          trunk_4_joint trunk_5_joint trunk_6_joint trunk_7_joint 
          trunk_8_joint trunk_9_joint trunk_10_joint pelvis

you'll see "shin_left" and "shin_right" repeat. I don't know if this is a harmless Blender exporter error (duplicating the ids) or a problem in the model/rigging itself.

In release builds, the error is silent and the conversion process continues (with not well-defined behavior).

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comment:1 by historic_bruno, 12 years ago

Zaggy found the problem: there were duplicate vertex groups in the Blender model. This affects both the mesh and animations, they will be fixed and re-exported soon :)

comment:2 by Kieran P, 12 years ago

Resolution: fixed
Status: newclosed

Spahbod reports this issue has been fixed as of [12204]. Closing...

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