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[Vulkan] Render Debug Mode assertion

Reported by: Langbart Owned by:
Priority: Nice to Have Milestone: Alpha 27
Component: Core engine Keywords:
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Description (last modified by Vladislav Belov)

originally posted on D4905 (26/Jan/23) (can be seen within the video)

to reproduce

  • enable Vulkan as renderbackend
  • start any map, for example random/mainland
  • open Developer Overlay - Alt+D
  • select any option from the dropdown Render Debug Mode
  • assert because of a missing technique


(not possible, Vulkan support came with [27488] on macOS)


ERROR: Program 'spirv/dummy' with required defines not found.
ERROR:   "USE_FOG": "1"
ERROR: Failed to load shader 'spirv/dummy'
[mvk-info] Created 3 swapchain images with initial size (1024, 768) and contents scale 1.0 for screen Built-in Retina Display.
Assertion failed: "0 <= pass && pass < static_cast<int>(m_Passes.size())"
Location: ShaderTechnique.cpp:59 (GetGraphicsPipelineState)

Call stack:

(error while dumping stack: Function not supported)
errno = 0 (No error reported here)
OS error = ?

(C)ontinue, (S)uppress, (B)reak, Launch (D)ebugger, or (E)xit?
Redirecting call to abort() to mozalloc_abort

pyrogenesis was compiled with optimization - stepping may behave oddly; variables may not be available.
Process 85772 stopped
* thread #1, name = 'main', queue = '', stop reason = EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x0)
    frame #0: 0x000000010115c390 pyrogenesis`::mozalloc_abort(msg=<unavailable>) at mozalloc_abort.cpp:33:3 [opt]
   30   #ifdef MOZ_WIDGET_ANDROID
   31     abortThroughJava(msg);
   32   #endif
-> 33     MOZ_CRASH();
   34   }
   36   #ifdef MOZ_WIDGET_ANDROID
Target 0: (pyrogenesis) stopped.
(lldb) bt
* thread #1, name = 'main', queue = '', stop reason = EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x0)
  * frame #0: 0x000000010115c390 pyrogenesis`::mozalloc_abort(msg=<unavailable>) at mozalloc_abort.cpp:33:3 [opt]
    frame #1: 0x0000000101cd5a0d pyrogenesis`::abort() at mozalloc_abort.cpp:86:3 [opt]
    frame #2: 0x00000001005641d6 pyrogenesis`sys_display_error(text=<unavailable>, flags=6) at unix.cpp:268:4 [opt]
    frame #3: 0x0000000100546933 pyrogenesis`debug_DisplayError(wchar_t const*, unsigned long, void*, wchar_t const*, wchar_t const*, int, char const*, long volatile*) [inlined] CallDisplayError(text=L"Assertion failed: \"0 <= pass && pass < static_cast<int>(m_Passes.size())\"\r\nLocation: ShaderTechnique.cpp:59 (GetGraphicsPipelineState)\r\n\r\nCall stack:\r\n\r\n(error while dumping stack: Function not supported)\r\nerrno = 0 (No error reported here)\r\nOS error = ?\r\n", flags=6) at debug.cpp:374:8 [opt]
    frame #4: 0x0000000100546916 pyrogenesis`debug_DisplayError(description=L"Assertion failed: \"0 <= pass && pass < static_cast<int>(m_Passes.size())\"", flags=6, context=0x00007ffeefbfda40, lastFuncToSkip=<unavailable>, pathname=L"../../../source/graphics/ShaderTechnique.cpp", line=59, func=<unavailable>, suppress=0x0000000103d00eb8) at debug.cpp:460 [opt]
    frame #5: 0x000000010054719e pyrogenesis`debug_OnAssertionFailure(expr=<unavailable>, suppress=0x0000000103d00eb8, file=<unavailable>, line=<unavailable>, func=<unavailable>) at debug.cpp:547:9 [opt]
    frame #6: 0x000000010034247d pyrogenesis`CShaderTechnique::GetGraphicsPipelineState(this=0x0000000127559ac0, pass=0) const at ShaderTechnique.cpp:59:2 [opt]
    frame #7: 0x00000001003d2dfc pyrogenesis`TerrainRenderer::RenderPatches(this=0x00000001052f54a0, deviceCommandContext=0x000000010840b720, cullGroup=<unavailable>, defines=0x00007ffeefbfe3f8, color=0x00007ffeefbfe410) at TerrainRenderer.cpp:380:14 [opt]
    frame #8: 0x00000001003bae45 pyrogenesis`CSceneRenderer::RenderShadowMap(this=0x000000011400a268, deviceCommandContext=0x000000010840b720, context=<unavailable>) at SceneRenderer.cpp:322:23 [opt]
    frame #9: 0x00000001003bd94a pyrogenesis`CSceneRenderer::PrepareSubmissions(this=0x000000011400a268, deviceCommandContext=0x000000010840b720, waterScissor=0x000000011400a524) at SceneRenderer.cpp:821:3 [opt]
    frame #10: 0x00000001003bebb2 pyrogenesis`CSceneRenderer::PrepareScene(this=0x000000011400a268, deviceCommandContext=0x000000010840b720, scene=0x000000010e5d68c0) at SceneRenderer.cpp:1135:2 [opt]
    frame #11: 0x00000001003b1ae9 pyrogenesis`CRenderer::RenderFrameImpl(this=0x000000010840a1a0, renderGUI=<unavailable>, renderLogger=<unavailable>) at Renderer.cpp:487:22 [opt]
    frame #12: 0x00000001003afdfd pyrogenesis`CRenderer::RenderFrame(this=0x000000010840a1a0, needsPresent=true) at Renderer.cpp:457:3 [opt]
    frame #13: 0x0000000100007351 pyrogenesis`RunGameOrAtlas(PS::span<char const* const>) [inlined] Frame() at main.cpp:444:13 [opt]
    frame #14: 0x0000000100006a90 pyrogenesis`RunGameOrAtlas(argv=<unavailable>) at main.cpp:687 [opt]
    frame #15: 0x0000000100005077 pyrogenesis`main(argc=5, argv=0x00007ffeefbfef18) at main.cpp:740:2 [opt]
    frame #16: 0x00007fff6e921cc9 libdyld.dylib`start + 1
    frame #17: 0x00007fff6e921cc9 libdyld.dylib`start + 1

additional infos

  • tested with default settings (empty user.cfg) and this command from the terminal
    pyrogenesis -mod=public -mod=0ad-spirv -conf=rendererbackend:vulkan -autostart="random/mainland"
  • 0ad-spirv version
        "name": "0ad-spirv",
        "version": "0.27.12",
        "label": "SPIR-V shaders",
        "url": "",
        "description": "SPIR-V shaders for Vulkan backend.",
        "dependencies": ["0ad>=0.0.27"]

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by Langbart, 16 months ago

Attachment: ren_deb.png added

comment:1 by Vladislav Belov, 16 months ago

Milestone: Alpha 27Alpha 28
Priority: Should HaveNice to Have

Currently it's intended behavior. Else it might make the shaders size 5 times bigger.

comment:2 by Vladislav Belov, 16 months ago

Description: modified (diff)
Summary: [macOS] [Vulkan] Render Debug Crash[Vulkan] Render Debug Mode assertion

comment:3 by Stan, 13 months ago

In 27633:

Add a script to build spir-v shaders for the bundle.

Fixes: #6636
Refs: #6718
Discussed with: @vladislavbelov

Differential Revision:

comment:4 by Stan, 11 months ago

Milestone: Alpha 28Alpha 27

Push back

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