Atlas Tricks

This is intended to be a companion to the Atlas (Scenario Editor) User's Guide and will provide tips and tricks which aren't of the "Clicking this button will do that" kind.

Find your saved map files (to be able to send them to others etc)

Currently this can be a bit hard, as Atlas isn't set up to save files to a specific directory but rather to save them to a directory that's been set during the install. Eventually Atlas should hopefully have a mod management tool of some sort which will not only help you to package scenarios to send to others but also help with managing objects and other things you may want to move from one mod to another. For now you'll have to find the directory where Atlas saves it's files, see GameDataPaths (mod data) for the correct path and then look in mods\user\maps\scenarios, for SVN users it's binaries\data\mods\public\maps\scenarios (in the directory where you checked out 0 A.D. and on Linux it's the same but with slashes instead of backslahes, i.e. binaries/data/mods/public/maps/scenarios).

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