Parts of our build and deployment environment are currently being changed. The main goal behind this is being able to easily create deployable packages/bundles for OSX. This Page should be a work in progress and its purpose is to document the overall design and the different tasks required to implement it. The idea is that people involved in these tasks discuss all topics related to that and document the decisions here. Once we all have the same idea about the solution we aim for, we can assign the different tasks to different people and complete them more efficiently.

A good place for discussions is this thread in the forums.

Overview current design / update-workspaces.bat:

The sh-script on Linux/*nix/OSX runs the compilation of some external dependencies and also premake. On Windows the batchfile only executes premake because most of the dependencies are precompiled.

For release packaging, can be used to set compile-time, absolute paths used by the game (to override defaults):

  • --bindir=/path/to/bin sets the location of the pyrogenesis executable (eg. /usr/bin or /opt/0ad/system). Defines the INSTALLED_BINDIR preprocessor directive.
  • --libdir=/path/to/lib sets the location of the bundled libraries (eg. /usr/lib). Defines the INSTALLED_LIBDIR preprocessor directive.
  • --datadir=/path/to/data sets the location of the game's data (e.g. /usr/share/0ad/data, /usr/local/share/0ad/data, or /opt/0ad/data). Defines the INSTALLED_DATADIR preprocessor directive.


Premake creates our workspaces (also called solutions or projects) for the different platforms. Currently we support GCC/make, VisualStudio 2013, Xcode3, Xcode4, Codeblocks.


The workspaces are used for building the code on different platform and also for development with different programs (IDE's).


For (alpha-)releases we make a special deployment for various reasons. The main reason is that we want to make it easier and more convenient for the user. Everything is precompiled and distributed in appropriate containers for the different operating systems and platforms (e.g. .deb files for debian based linux systems and .exe files for windows etc.).

Future design


Some basic design decisions

  • We have decided to migrate from SVN to Git (see #1819, #1814, #1816)
  • In the first place we stick to Premake. If someone offers a working solution with other tools like CMake, we are open to change that decision.
  • Sticking to Premake means we can't manually create workspaces
  • We remove most of the Windows binaries from the repository (starting with autobuilt exes/dlls in binaries/system)
  • Libraries are split into separate directories per operating system and architecture
  • Script / updater utility checks if the libraries are present and up to date to avoid problems with outdated libraries
  • The build process continues the same as before
  • A script is included to automatically build OS X bundles

Graphical overview of interaction between different components (future-version)

The repository structure

Git repo:

|-- binaries
|   `-- system
|       `-- updater.exe / updater.bat
|-- build
|   |-- premake
|   `-- workspaces
|       |--
|       `--
|-- libraries
|   |-- osx
|   |   `--
|   |
|   |-- source
|   |   |-- Lib A
|   |   |   |-- include
|   |   |   |-- libs
|   |   |   `-- src
|   |   `-- Lib B
|   |       |-- include
|   |       |-- libs
|   |       |-- src
|   |       `--
|   |
|   `-- win32
|       |-- Lib C
|       |   |-- include
|       |   `-- libs
|       `-- Lib D
|           |-- include
|           `-- libs
`-- source

Web server storing pre-built Windows binaries:

|-- master
|   `-- binaries
|       `-- system
|           |-- AtlasUI.dll
|           |-- Collada.dll
|           |-- pyrogenesis.exe
|           `-- pyrogenesis.pdb
`-- feature-branch
    `-- binaries
        `-- system
            |-- AtlasUI.dll
            |-- Collada.dll
            |-- pyrogenesis.exe
            `-- pyrogenesis.pdb

`-- win32
    |-- Lib A
    |   |-- include
    |   `-- libs
    |-- Lib B
    |   |-- include
    |   `-- libs
    |-- Lib C
    |   |-- include
    |   `-- libs
    `-- Lib D
        |-- include
        `-- libs

Checking out the code

Developers will check out the code using Git instead of SVN.

Windows build

Windows developers will first run binaries\system\updater.exe to get the latest pre-built win32 binaries. This will keep them updated for whichever branch they are testing, or they can build the game themselves.

OS X build

OS X developers have the choice of building a loose binary or a bundle, with slightly different steps and requirements.

See BuildInstructions#OSX

*nix build

Linux build process shouldn't change (much).

See BuildInstructions#Linux

Realease, packaging and deployment

The current release process is documented in ReleaseProcess. Philip does that, except not the PPA packages or the Gentoo ebuilds. Ricotz creates the Ubuntu packages in an unknown way and other(unknown) people do it for Gentoo and the other distros.

Some information about OS-specific aspects of the packages...

Where to place which files

NOTE: This is just a draft.

Discussion about the Windows specific paths can be found in this thread.


For release packaging, can be used to set compile-time, absolute paths used by the game (to override defaults). It should now offer a parameter for each path in the table below and not just for bindir, libdir and datadir (to be decided for each of those three if they should be replaced or kept):

  • --bindir=/path/to/bin sets the location of the pyrogenesis executable (eg. /usr/bin or /opt/0ad/system). Defines the INSTALLED_BINDIR preprocessor directive.
  • --libdir=/path/to/lib sets the location of the bundled libraries (eg. /usr/lib). Defines the INSTALLED_LIBDIR preprocessor directive.
  • --datadir=/path/to/data sets the location of the game's data (e.g. /usr/share/0ad/data, /usr/local/share/0ad/data, or /opt/0ad/data). Defines the INSTALLED_DATADIR preprocessor directive.
  • ... See the list below

The default Atlas config dir (or file) is specified in source/tools/atlas/AtlasUI/Misc/DLLInterface.cpp and does not adhere to the values in Paths.cpp, but uses the basedir-spec (See #868)

NameReadonlyDescriptionPath WindowsPath LinuxPath MacDetermined by/Set where?
Game data rootYData-Directory for static game datarelative to EXEINSTALLED_DATADIR or relative to binary[BundlePath]/Contents/Resources/data or relative to binarym_rdata in Paths.cpp
User data rootNRoot-Directory for data the user creates in-game (savegames, screenshots etc...)My Documents\My Games\0ad$XDG_DATA_HOME/0ad~/Library/Application\ Support/0adm_Data in Paths.cpp
Savegame directoryNDirectory where savegames are saved to and loaded fromMy Documents\My Games\0ad\saves$XDG_DATA_HOME/0ad/saves~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/savesAs [User data root]\saves in GameSetup.cpp InitVFS
screenshot directoryNDirectory where screenshots are saved by the gameMy Documents\My Games\0ad\screenshots$XDG_DATA_HOME/0ad/screenshots~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/screenshotsAs [User data root]\screenshots in GameSetup.cpp InitVFS
Default configYDefault config-file which is readonlyrelative to EXEINSTALLED_DATADIR/config or relative to binary[BundlePath]/Contents/Resources/data/config or relative to binaryAs [Game data root]\config in GameSetup.cpp InitVFS
UserconfigNContains user specific configuration settings%appdata%\0ad\config$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/0ad/config~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/configm_config in Paths.cpp
LogsNContains logs created by the game%appdata%\0ad\logs$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/0ad/logs~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/logsm_logs in Paths.cpp
CacheNCache directory%localappdata%\0ad\cache$XDG_CACHE_HOME/0ad~/Library/Caches/0adm_cache in Paths.cpp
User modNUser mod directory, where e.g. Atlas should save mapsMy Documents\My Games\0ad\mods\user$XDG_DATA_HOME/0ad/mods/user~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/mods/userAs [User data root]\mods\user in GameSetup.cpp InitVFS
ModsN (Y if running without -noUserMod)Other mods added by the userMy Documents\My Games\0ad\mods$XDG_DATA_HOME/0ad/mods~/Library/Application\ Support/0ad/modsAs [User data root]\mods in GameSetup.cpp InitVFS

Open tasks

1. Git migration

Assigned: unassigned / collaborate with Philip

To improve development workflow, we will migrate from SVN to Git.

How this affects the build system:

  • Autobuilder will be changed to build Git branches, allowing artists and others to test feature branches (see #1819)
  • Windows binaries will be moved out of the repository, starting with binaries/system, and possibly later including libraries/win32, etc. An update utility will be written to fetch the latest Windows binaries for the current branch (see #1814).

2. Change how the game handles default search paths

Assigned: unassigned

Each OS should have its default behaviour that should make sense for that OS (see the table above). For Windows and Linux that's already quite good, but OSX requires improvements.

It should be distinguished between three different situations.

  1. The current situation in development where the pyrogenesis binary is in 0ad/binaries/system, data is in 0ad/binaries/data etc...
  2. The situation when everything is in a bundle and the directories are organized as described in "Where to place which files?" in this article.
  3. Special situations where the users wants to use customized directories. It should be sufficient to solve this with preprocessor directives because if anyone want's to change it, it's either an advanced user or package maker anyway and generally there should be no need to change it. Each defined location in the table above should be customizable with one dedicated preprocessor directive.

Documentation to be updated:

3. Check CMake as an alternative in the future or work on improved XCode support for Premake

Assigned: unassigned Past work on an integration of CMake: #1104

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