0 A.D. uses the standard S3TC texture compression format, which saves at least 75% of video memory usage, improving the game's performance. Unfortunately S3TC is supported only since mesa 17.3 (which provides OpenGL support on Linux), since patents prevented using it before October 2017.

The game will automatically enable the force_s3tc_enable DRI configuration option, which helps when using drivers that support texture decompression but not run-time compression. (This can be disabled via the game's configuration file: see force_s3tc_enable in data/config/default.cfg in the install directory.)

If this does not work, and the game displays a warning message, you may need to upgrade mesa to 17.3 or later, or install the libtxc_dxtn library when using a previous mesa version: libtxc_dxtn-1.0.1.tar.gz (simply extract and run sudo make install)

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