0 A.D. Design Document

0 A.D. Online Design Document v 3.0WIP (i.e. to be version 3, but not quite there yet)

This page is the WIP page for version 3 of the 0 A.D. design document, once the document reaches a complete enough state it will be moved to the Design_Document page.

Licensing and Disclaimer

All info in this document is licensed as CC-by-sa.

The info contained in this Design Document is provided as-is. It represents the current plan for 0 A.D. but is subject to change and the final game might not be exactly as described here due to for example issues found when balancing the game or features cut to make it possible to release the game in a reasonable time.



Some words about what 0 A.D. is, and the thoughts behind the game.

Overall plan

As described in the Introduction, the idea between 0 A.D. is to feature civilizations from the period between 500 B.C. and 500 A.D. This page describes the decision to split the release in two parts, and some of the features we've decided to postpone until part 2.



Celts (Gauls, Britons)

Hellenes (Poleis, Macedonian)



Romans (Pre-Imperial)

Gameplay features

Gameplay features

Information about the features and gameplay concepts of 0 A.D. Phases, technology, territories, diplomacy etc.

Entities: Player


Units 1 of 5 (Infantry)

Units 2 of 5 (Cavalry)

Units 3 of 5 (Support)

Units 4 of 5 (Siege)

Units 5 of 5 (Ships)

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