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Specifications (will be replaced by documentation when implemented)

Theory: One will be able to make a row of root menus. After pressing a root menu, its sub-menu appears. Sub-menus can also have sub-menus, in an unlimited spectrum. The menu structure is declared in XML within the <object ...></object> of the menu object. The root menus will always open downwards (these menus are meant to be placed on the top of the screen). Sub-menus will be opened like in Windows, next to the arrow, but on top of its parent.

An element will be able to be: something that executes a script, a parent (that opens a sub-menu) or a seperator. Elements and root menus will be able to be disabled. Icons will be able to be attached to these elements (icons are just textures).

Once a menu is opened it won't be closed until having pressed outside, hovering an element that opens a sub-menu for a brief moment, will open the sub-menu, one can also click it. Hovering an element of a different kind for the same amount of time, will close the sub-menu (this is just like Windows).

There is a lot of behaviours to explain here, but we'll will try making it as alike to Windows as possible. Some things will inevitably vary. Elements will be declared either 'always visible' or 'initially hidden'. The ones initially hidden will only open once the last element is pressed (this element will probably have >> only pointing down in the middle). That element will disappear once opened. There will be no animations when revealing the hidden ones (like there is in Office).

More on this when we actually start working on this class.

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